December 6th, 2013

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Hello Everyone,
The first Kine in Aqua group order I made was successful and easily done, so I have decided to do this once again. However, this time, the time frame is very tight. Please read all details carefully and proceed quickly. Orders will ONLY be taken for a duration of TWO days from Friday Dec.06th to Saturday Dec.07th. Also, as of this very moment, since my order request is last minute, there is NO GUARENTEE that my order will go through 100%. I will update this post as soon as I get word that they will take my international order.
To a very select number of people (3-5 depending on demand) I will be willing to take your own requests to include in my order. The premise is simple. I will make one mega order (including my and your goods) and will have everything shipped to my home. From my location I will ship your goods. However, please read the following rules.


kine in aqua group 2


1. For going through this trouble I will charge a 30% fee on all the goods you order and your portion of shipping from Korea to my home. (i.e. if you order $50 worth of items and your shipping cut is $10 (shipping came to 50 between 5 people so you take 1/5 or $10) your total fee calculation will be 30% of 60 dollars so $18 dollars.) There will be no fee on the shipping from my home to your home. The only other extraneous cost you will be required to pay is a 5% overall Paypal fee amount when the order ships from my house to your home. Everything else is at cost. The item price, all the shipping fees will have no other mark ups

2 If you really are unsure about something you may ask me on a limited basis as to what they are. If i get enough inquiries I will just translate the whole thing.

3. I will limit each person to only DOUBLES of each item. This is two copies of one specific item. For example, If there is a poster set of 12 available, you can purchase up to two whole set of posters if you like (i.e. 12 different posters @ 2 copies each = 24 posters in total). This is put in place to keep orders manageable and to prevent resales.

4. Shipping method from Korea to Canada (the giant mega order) is to be determined. I like surface mail even if it's slow but if others opt for EMS I may be willing to use this. However, the final decision is up to me.

5. I will do my best to ship everything securely, but minor shipping damage may be inevitable in cases like these. Please understand that your items may suffer minor damage.

6. In the very rare case the shipment is taxed, I will calculate the tax proportionately based on what you ordered. So in other words, you will be responsible for the actual tax amount for whatever you bought.

7. Deadline for all orders will be in 2 days. I can chose to close acceptance at any time before that, however.

8. Orders are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  Orders are only confirmed after I receive a FULL deposit for the total items. What does this mean? Your order will only be places/guaranteed after I receive the full deposit. The shipping fee from Korea to Canada will be charged after the order has been placed. If I do not hear from you or receive prompt payment for shipping, your order will be forfeit and I hold the right to keep your items. PLEASE BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS AND DO NOT SIMPLY DISAPPEAR.

9. Orders may be shipped to ANY international location. However overseas shipping is VERY expensive so you must understand the expenses beforehand. Also, please make sure you are familiar with postal services in your country (i.e. don't ask for surface shipping if you think there is a high risk it will get lost or stolen) nor will I be responsible for any taxes and/or duties that may incur upon arriving your goods arriving at your home

10. Please understand that shipping in Canada is EXPENSIVE. Please go to and fiddle around with the fee calculator to get an idea as to how much they are.

11. If you order posters and would like to have them rolled instead of folded, the poster tube will be at your expense. (I have no idea how much these are locally)



Free! Twinbook Doujin featuring Playback + Kine = $3.00
Free! Set of 22 Posters (21cmx29cm) or Cards (7cmx15cm) = $2.00, 90 cents EACH
Free! Dual Sided Fan from Playback and Kine =$1.00
A Certain Magical Index Dual Sided Shopping Bag featuring Enix and Playback = $3.00
A Certain Magical Index Dual Sided Fan featuring Enix and Playback = $1.00
A Certain Magical Index Cards from Enix (selection of 8) = 90 cents EACH
Kuroko no Basuke Cards (selection of 7) = 90 cents EACH
Black Butler Cards (selection of 3) = 90 cents EACH
Free! Large Buttons (selection of 5) = $1.00 EACH
Free! Chibi Buttons (selection of 4) = 70 cents EACH
Original Butler Series Bookmarks = 80 cents EACH
Natsume Yuujincho Zipper Pencil Case = $2.50
Original L Folder = $1.00




Contact me at yo.jenn[@]
My Paypal is mirai_trunkz[@]
Previous sales feedback is:

Thank you very much!
Panty & Stocking: [censored]

DS: Only 2 items left to go! Must go before Christmas!

Hi everyone! I currently have a mere two items left to sell and would like them gone as soon as possible but definitely before the end of this year. I have lowered the prices so they're at the the absolute lowest price I'll take for them.

I can ship worldwide and accept Paypal methods for payment. Shipping is always combined and the least expensive method is used unless requested otherwise. Feel free to ask questions!

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page (all 100% positive)

1. Detroit Metal City English Manga vol. 1 & 2 (set)
2. Queen's Blade/Queen's Gate Moetan and Nowa Stick Poster

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