December 9th, 2013

Sales Post!!

Shipping from UT, USA. (Some items prices include shipping), will ship worldwide.
Prices are negotiable. All prices in USD.
All shipping in the US includes tracking, if you wish to have tracking outside of the US, please let me know. :)

Everything listed here is legit, I don't do bootlegs.
Leave a message here or pm me if you are interested in anything.
Payment methods: Paypal.

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Thanks for looking! :)

Accepting orders for the goods of upcoming Japanese concerts

Hi all

If anyone's interested, I'm accepting orders for the goods of a few upcoming Japanese concerts. Please find the links below

Big Bang (deadline 15th Dec 2013)
Fukuyama Masaharu (deadline by 25th Dec 2013)
Gackt (deadline 11th Dec 2013)
Original Entertainment Paradise (Orepara) (deadline 18th Dec 2013)
Perfume (deadline 20th Dec 2013)
Sid (deadline 23rd Dec 2013)
SpyAir (deadline 22nd Dec 2013)
Yamashita Tomohisa (deadline 15th Dec 2013)

I'm also helping people with getting tickets here, as well as helping to source for limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods here

My feedback post can be found here

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions, thanks!

Christmas Sale! 1 week only!

Christmas sale!
Just 5 days to get all those items that you have been wanting in YOUR stocking for the holidays!
drops_03bOrders must be over $20 to participate before discount!
drops_03bSales END at 11:59pm, Saturday 12/14/13, (EASTERN time)
drops_03bAll Sales are final.
drops_03bInternational buyers are welcome!
drops_03bShipping is additional to all orders!
drops_03bI accept paypal and POSTAL MO only!!

pin_anime_02 25% off DVD's!! ->

pin_anime_0230% off Drama & Furoku CD, DVD's ->

pin_anime_02All OTHER "ACTUAL" "FUROKU" ITEMS 40% off !! -->
(Furoku= the items that are included inside Tankobauns)- (Not anything store bought, Animate, Mandarake, Ribon ect!)
Bags, pouches & more ->
Book covers & bookmarks ->
Boxed furoku items ->
Notebooks ->
Non-clear or promo Postcards ->
School Supplies ->
Stickers & Seals ->
Stationary sets ->
(Bleach, Fruits Basket & KKM are store bought & NOT Furoku released)
Trump & Tarot Card sets!! ->
(Trinity Blood NOT included!)
Tin items ->
Washcloth's ->

pin_anime_0250% off All Clear Files!!
Clear Files ->
DIY Folding Items ->

Buy 2 Animation art Japanese studio authentic Backgrounds and get a 3rd FREE!! ->

~ Sailor Moon items are NOT part of this sale in any way! ~

Send me a list of the items you want and I can invoice you with the discounts and shipping info.
Please DO NOT forget to let me know your zipcode or country for shipping info!

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