December 11th, 2013

Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.

DS: Just 2 items left to go! Real cheap prices!

Hi everyone! I currently have a mere two items left to sell and would like them gone as soon as possible but definitely before the end of this year. I have lowered the prices so they're at the the absolute lowest price I'll take for them.

I can ship worldwide and accept Paypal methods for payment. Shipping is always combined and the least expensive method is used unless requested otherwise. Feel free to ask questions!

My feedback: eBay and GSJ Feedback Page (all 100% positive)

1. Detroit Metal City English Manga vol. 1 & 2 (set)
2. Queen's Blade/Queen's Gate Moetan and Nowa Stick Poster

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Make me any offer!

Less than 4 days left on auctions!!!
Fruits Basket Complete Series currently under $100!  Plus Naruto, Bleach, Ranma 1/2 and More!!!

I just had to get a root canal and I need cash for it more than ever!  Help me get rid of my stock!
The going out of business sale continues!  Make me your offers, I'm listening!

Manga Sales Post
100+ volumes of manga of all genres!  Something for everyone on your Christmas list!

Yaoi Sales Post
Several complete series, OOP titles and affordable guilty pleasures!

Video Games, Anime & MORE
Games for PS2, PS3, PSVita, DS, and more!  Plus anime, post cards and much more!

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New items for sale!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Its that time again, cutting down more spares for Christmas funds. I added TONS more items!!

I ship everywhere!! so please feel free to ask questions and contact me ^-^

for more items please check out my sales page for anime, vhs, dvds, books and more!!!: