January 2nd, 2014


Prices Slashed!

Still trying to sell out all my stock!  Prices lowered!  Everything must go!!!!
Please don't make me go to eBay to sell this stuff!  I would much rather make a deal with you!

NOTHING OVER $2!!!!  I want this stuff gone yesterday!

Prices lowered on many titles!  Make me your offers!

Anime, video games and MORE!!!  Ignore the prices and make me and offer!

Still don't like a price, don't be afraid to haggle!  I am open to all reasonable offers!

  • vedagil

Anime and video game merchandise sale!

Do you want to buy video game and anime merchandise? Come shop for awesome goods such as artbooks, furoku (Japan giveaways), doujinshi, cards, stationery, and toys.


-Doujinshi: Devil May Cry 3 (La Vita e Rosa by GD Mechano/Izumi Yakumo)

-Illustration art books: Ouran High School Host Club

-Trading cards, postcards, stationery, shitajiki/pencil boards: Kuroshitsuji, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Vampire Princess Miyu manga (Narumi Kakinouchi), Persona 4 Arena, X/1999 (CLAMP manga), Evangelion (Yoshiyuki Sadamoto manga art), Fujimi Mystery Bunko, X/1999 manga

-Figures: CLAMP in 3-D Land (Chobits Freya, X/1999 Fuma, Card Captor Sakura Syaoran), Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Nendoroid Good Smile figure, Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Petit Prop Plus 2 teacher figure, Fate/Zero Lancer

-Posters: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning, Durarara dakimakura doujinshi (includes Hummel)

-Devil May Cry 3 soundtrack

-Sailor Moon Stars handkerchief

-Carnival Phantasm Tsukihime Pic-Lil phone rubber straps

-Sailor Moon SuperS figure necklace Super Sailor Moon

-Sailor Moon S Uranus and Neptune doujinshi button by Yoichi Fukano

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica promo postcard

-Fate/Zero Ichiban Kuji (Japan lottery) clear file folders

-Playstation memory card stickers

-Vagrant Story promo PC disc


Looking for DMMd merchandise!

Hello mina-san!~

I recentely fell in love with Dramatical Murder. *__*
Unfortunately I noticed I just missed many releases and the items are very hard to get now. ;_;
So is anyone selling DMMd merchandise here? I am especially looking for:

-Max Factory 1/7 Aoba figure (if I can ever afford x'D)
-GIFT plushes
-Rubber straps (by Empty)

If you have other official things, please let me know!^v^ Thanks for reading as well.~