January 8th, 2014

Wanted: I Want To Bite by Isaya Takamori and Chigusa Kawaii Yaoi Novel & for trade/sale

WANTED: Anybody have I Want To Bite by Isaya Takamori and Chigusa Kawaii, a yaoi novel, for sale or trade?  If yes, kindly PM me with condition and price.  Must be in English please. Thanks!

Still have a bunch of duplicate manga and yaoi manga/novels for sale/trade at:

Just added several more on 01/08/14!  Thanks for looking!

Manga for sale

Sup! I have quite a few manga to clear out. I accept concealed cash(will ship upon arrival) and Paypal only. I only ship in the USA because shipping fees are unsightly high. If you do live outside the USA and really want something, I will look into prices but normally even for small packages they range $12+ depending on where its going. I ship within 2-3 days of receiving the payment. All my manga was read once then kept safe on a shelf so its in mint condition. Also a smoke-free home. All manga is $4 each unless otherwise stated. Depending on the series and my attachment to it, I may or may not do OBO.

Itsuwaribito 1-8
Hana Kimi 1-22
LoveCom 1-4
Spice and Wolf 8
Fairy Cube 1-2
Barrage 1-2
Code Breaker 1-2
Tiger and Bunny 1-2($5 each)
Jiu Jiu 5
Honey and Clover 1-5,8
Yozakura Quartet 1-3
Grand Guignol Orchestra 1-5
Nabari no Ou 1-2
Jack the Ripper 1-5
Blank Slate 1-2
Ponyo 1-2 ($5 each//its all in color)
Immortal Rain 4
Hot Gimmick 1-12
Bunny Drop 2-3
Crimson Hero 1-2
Rurouni Kenshin 1-28
Tiger and Bunny The Movie: The beginning Part A and B
Magi 1-2
The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary
Tiger and Bunny Comic Anthology ($7)

I also have xxxHolic season 1 on DVD 4 disc set for $15.

Pictures on request.