January 19th, 2014

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Selling - Vanessa, Dio - CD's, Chekis, Photoset, Keychain, Magazine

Hey guys~ I decided to sell everything that was still left :D

None of these are fixed prices you still can bargain with me!
All items are in good condition, if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me. (I won't bite you! :D)
Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live.
(My feedback site)

Chi[ma]ira - 10€
Nao Cheki - 3€
You Cheki - 3€
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Anime Figures & Goodies For Sale. K-On!, Pretty Cure, Pokemon, Guilty Crown, D. Gray-man, MORE!


Larger photo here:


Random Anime items for sale. Official Japanese merchandise from smoke and pet free home. Ships from the U.S. Feedback available under the eBay ID "MrsMuraki." Prices do not include shipping. Will gladly provide more pics upon request!

K-On! Hand Towel - $8
Pretty Cure Jewelry Set - $10
Archenemy & Hero Jumbo Pins - $7 each
Pokemon Plastic Pouch - $4
Guitarfreaks Coaster & Pick Set - $7
Dragon Quest Vinyl Figure - $4
Monster Hunter Airou Keychains - $3 each
Magi Madoka Large Promo Pin - SOLD
Pretty Cure Pin Set - $4
Evangelion Chibi Figure Keychains - $2 each
Re-ment Tempura Skewers Miniature Food Set - $10
D-Gray Man Pass Case - $3
Rozen Maiden Traumend Memo Pad - $3
Happy Lesson AP Collection Card - $3
Guilty Crown Metal Clip - $3
Hakuoki Figure Keychain - $6
Lucky Star Minoru Petit Nenoroid Figure - SOLD
K-On! Guitar Pick Stylus - $6
Moyashimon Trading Figure - $4
Saint Beast Metal Promo Pin Set - $5

Available but not pictured, please request photo:

Saiyuiki Promo Hand Fan - $10
Saiyuki Promo Manga Cover - $4
Mokeke Plushies - $3 each
Angelique Hand Fan - $5
Sakura Wars Clear File - $5
Slayers Plastic Binder - $7
Slayers Shitajiki - $3
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Double Pocket Plastic Folder - $10
Sae Momoki (Yaoi) Calendar - $20

★Clearing out some anime items and stationery! :) -updated on 18/01

Hello again! i've re-open my sales post to clear out some old stock! plus there are new items added too so feel free to check it out! :)
Current promotion: buy two doujins and get the third one 50% off! :D
click here for my anime sales post
And i'm also giving away some plush and stickers for free!
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