January 22nd, 2014


Selling J-Pop and Prince of Tennis CDs

I'm moving in the next month or so, and I really need the money for the move, so I'm selling all of my cds. I have some NEWS and KAT-TUN cds for sale on eBay as well as a couple of Prince of Tennis cdsl, I have a few more Tenipuri cds that I haven't been able to get up there;

Atobe Keigo - Cross With You
Echizen Ryoma - Dreaming on the Radio
Guava Trio - Brand New Day
Oishi Syuchirou - TWO
Megane's - Go! Go! Megane's
Tenimyu - Dream Live 2nd (2-disc cd)

All above are $8 except the Tenimyu cd, which is $10. If you are interested in looking on my eBay click here

I accept Paypal, and will ship internationally. If you are interested, I will give you a quote on shipping.