January 23rd, 2014


WTB: DMMD Dramatical Murder merch

I realize this seems pretty far and in between but for her birthday, my friend has requested things from the yaoi game
DRAMAtical Murder! Does anyone have anything up for sale from this series?

I'm not particularly interested Doujinshi or the games themselves. I'm looking for actual merchandise.
I'm probably interested in most anything else so let me know if you have anything to sell!

Thank you!!
  • celaith

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Hello all!
I'm selling lots of anime & manga goods on eBay HERE !
Many items are going at attractive, low starting bids!

Most of the items are also available for immediate purchase via Buy It Now.
Please feel free to use the "Make Offer" function if you have a different price in mind.

If you do not want to buy via eBay, please feel free to contact me privately at:
celaith [at] gmail [dot] com

Multiple purchases will enjoy combined shipping at a reduced rate, so buy more to save more!!!

I can also help you to obtain items from Japan web stores
& source for items available in Japan for a low fee.
So please feel free to email me if you are in search of anything~


Grahamu fanart

Lots of merchandise for sale/pre-order!

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Selling and also taking pre-orders for many new items, some of which are shown in the pictures above! For more items from many other series, do feel free to check out the following pages and leave a comment at the respective pages or just drop me a PM if you are interested in anything!:D

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Thanks for looking!^^