January 28th, 2014

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Auctions are here
0.99+shipping starting point; US bidders, only.


- Pokemon: Ruby (cart only)
- Pokemon: Emerald (cart only)
- Pokemon: Crystal (cart only)
- Pokemon: FireRed (cart only)


- Code of Princess ( comes with artbook/CD)
- SMT: Soul Hackers (comes with CD)
- SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked
- SMT: Devil Survivor 2
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
- Game & Watch Collection 2 (Nintendo Club Exclusive)
- Dragon Quest IV
- Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island
- Super Princess Peach (cart only)
- Phantasy Star 0 (cart only)
- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (cart only)


- Gravity Rush
- Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
- Soul Sacrifice
- Valhalla Knights 3
- Tanteibu The Detective Club Tantei to Yuurei to Kaitou to LE
- Tanteibu The Detective Club Angou to Miscrapshu to Kaijin to LE


- Ni No Kuni (Black Label, PS3)
- AquaPazza (PS3)
- Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
- Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)


- Sealed Ni No Kuni Hardcover Guide

Thank you!
{ルキ} damned & free

Over 100 things for sale! Doujinshi, cds, and games! Need to go asap!

General Information
Any questions? Just ask!
Everything is in New / Like New condition unless otherwise stated.
Smoke free home. I do have a cat, but these all have been in boxes longer than I've had my cat.
Click on the smaller pictures for bigger ones.
If you want pictures of something else, just ask and I will upload them as soon as possible.
I am more than open to offers!
I am open to trading, but I would prefer outright sale. I do not want anymore doujinshi, and no music items unless they are the GazettE. Mostly interesting in jewelry, clothing, and stationary / school like items.
Paypal only please. But if you really have no other way, I am open to other methods. I will absorb Paypal fees.
♥ Feedback can be found here, and here. The latter being fairly recent.


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Kimono Ribbon

DS: Visual kei massive sale (Jrock CDs, DVDs, cheki, magazine, Japanese-branded clothing)

Hello everybody! I am doing a VISUAL KEI MASSIVE SALE because I have no more room in my house and because I need some extra money. This massive sale includes:
- CDs, DVDs, PHOTOSETS and CHEKI from the following bands: 0801弐209336, An Cafe, BLACK CAT, chariots, D, D'eiz, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, KISAKI, Lin- the end of corruption world-, Lolita23Q, LuLu, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Phantasmagoria, Rounouir, Schwein, SOMATIC GUARDIAN, Tokami, Valluna, Velgat, Vellga, Vior gloire, Unite, Vani;lla and Wizard
[[ RULES ]]
♥ I accept only PayPal
♥ All sales are final
♥ Items are all original
♥ My feedback is here
♥ First pays, first gets the item
♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide
♥ I am not responsible for any lost or damaged package
♥ If you buy at least three items, you'll receive a discount
♥ Prices are negotiable
♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live.
♥ I don't accept trade
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If you're interested in something, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Best wishes


Suga ~ {Star ☆}

Selling a lots of J-Rock Stuff, lots of Gazette.. tourbooks (Stay tuned!)

Hello, check out my stuff!
Selling CDs, Photosets, Chekis..
If you have questions, ask -> PM or Night-@gmx.at

Just started to make pictures, so please be patient and stay tuned.

Bands: Alice nine, D=OUT, Gazette...

All prices are without shipping costs, they depend on your country on the weight.


Oh and of course can I give you the link to my ebay account for reference!
WA: oh baby then it fell apart

{ selling } EMERGENCY SALE!

>> Hey everyone! Here are the items we're selling! We take Paypal personal gift payments and prefer to ship within the U.S. (but you can contact us if you are international... it's just the shipping costs a lot).

Emergency funds needed by this week! Ignore the listed prices! Willing to accept reasonable offers, so please contact us if you are interested in something!

>> New items include Loveless DVDs 1-3 (complete), Full Metal Alchemist binsen, Saiyuki binsen, and a mousepad. Other items include Prince of Tennis E-Plus doujinshi, Stigma (Kazuya Minekura Japanese color manga), Author's Pet (English language YAOI manga), yaoi goods/paper items, binsen, etc!

>> We also have some freebies that we'll include with every sale (trading cards, small binsen, etc)! Under the cut are lots of pictures, sorry! >.<;

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Selling off my GazettE collection and more.

Shipping from UT, USA, will ship worldwide.
Prices are negotiable. All prices in USD.
For shipping prices, please give me your location, all shipping in the US includes tracking, if you wish to have tracking outside of the US, please let me know. :) NOTE: if you're outside of the US, it may take longer for me to send it as I'll need to go to the post office to send it.

Everything listed here is legit, I don't do bootlegs.
Leave a message here or pm me if you are interested in anything.
Payment methods: Paypal, concealed cash (only if in the USA).

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Thanks for looking! <3