January 29th, 2014

sure thing dollface

$5 items and free stuff!

It's time for me to try to get rid of stuff again!

For $5 you could get:
Tales of the Abyss one coin figure of Luke, Tear, Anise, and Jade (special weapons, no boxes, sorry!) and one Tear with her regular weapon
Xenosaga 3 (two discs and cover art, NO MANUAL) (PS2)
Sailor Moon Short Stories, volume 2 (english)
Codename: Sailor V, volume 2 (english)

And some of the free Japanese manga I'm offering (pay for shipping):
Naruto 16, 17, 22, 25
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2-4
Hunter X Hunter 17
Matantei Loki 1, 2, 7
GetBackers 1-7
Steel Angel Kurumi 1+2
2 random Pokemon volumes

Visit http://aacdeln.livejournal.com/28615.html for more stuff/details. Feedback can be found in that page. Don't be nervous if I reply back with that username~