February 21st, 2014

  • kanon99

wtb Code Geass and Fafner/wts Digimon, Lucky Star, etc.

Hi, everyone!

I am, first, looking for a Code Geass DVD Miraculous Birthday- ONLY with English subtitles! I don't have a lot to spend, so let me know if you have a copy you want to relocate to a good home.
If anyone has Fafner Heaven and Earth to sell for a reasonable price, please contact me! If you only have the DVD to sell (with the case, most preferably), please contact me! I am interested in the DVD, not the Blu-Ray.

I also have two items here:


I am trying to get both of them (though I am trying to get the picture of Lelouch and C.C. more at the moment). If you are selling one of them or both of them for a reasonable price, let me know! As I said above, unfortunately, I can't afford to spend too much. >.< However, if you have them and want to get rid of them, maybe we can work out something. I also have items that we can trade. You can ask about those, if interested. :)

I am looking for CODE: RE and FSL, in particular, by Ashes to Ashes/Cras Sola. If you have those or certain other ones for a reasonable price, let me know! As always, we could trade (for trading I would prefer USA traders).

(I'm always looking for Code Geass postcards/clear files by Cras Sola and Reflection. …Yeah, once again, I don't have much I can spend, but let me know if you have any you want to go to a very loving home! ^_^)

I have items for sale on eBay. Some has sold, but there is still a lot to go! Please take a look! I have some newly listed items such as the complete collection of Lucky Star, newly added Code Geass doujinshi, and other items! I also still have the complete collection of Maburaho, Hello Kitty, JPop artist angela, JPop/Rock artist Orange Range, doujinshi, yaoi, shojo, Newtype USA, Shonen Jump, Code Geass, other anime, manga, and a bunch of other stuff!


If you want anything and buy it through LJ, I will give you free shipping within the continental USA on orders over $50 and a discount on shipping for international buyers! (Excludes encyclopedia sets and the speakers.) If a listing is over $50 and already has free shipping, I can give you a discount!
Feel free to contact me with offers! I will be more willing to accept lower offers on large orders!

I have a lot of stuff that needs to be cleared out. Please take a look and be thinking for yourself, for family, and for friends!


Thank you!