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27 February 2014 @ 11:34 am

NOTE: All cosplay is under £30
and if you buy a cosplay, you get a free item worth £5

APH Cosplay
Gyakuten Saiban 5 Rubber Straps
APH Rubber Straps
APH English and Japanese manga

and ton more

So go and take a look! Or click the banner below

27 February 2014 @ 08:00 pm
Selling a few old(er) school CDs.

Janne Da Arc - 餓えた太陽(Ueta Taiyou)
-Includes CD and booklet; no obi. No scratches on disc, some slight shelf wear on the case.
Asking price: $10 + shipping & PP fees (dependent on location)

Raphael Starring Kazuki - eternal wish ~届かぬ君へ~
-Includes CD, DVD, booklet and obi. Perfect condition. Only played once to import to iTunes.
Asking price: $20 + shipping & PP fees (dependent on location)

Please feel free to ask any questions and make offers :)

Thanks for looking; photos under the cut!

Pictures!!Collapse )

I still have a few odds & ends of my collection left that I would really like to get rid of. All offers considered. They can be found at my journal here: http://kanawanuyume.livejournal.com/
Thanks for looking!