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Kim Hyun Joon - HEAT
CD+DVD, Japan edition
Opened, listened to CD once, DVD not played
Has: CD, DVD, lyrics, obi
tracklist: see photos
price: 25euro -> 20euro
Note: the inside is a tiny bit dirty, I think by the obi that was put on the DVD side before. See photo for that.

B2ST- BEAST is the best - Japan limited edition
CD+DVD version
tracklist - photo
CD, DVD and booklet in excellent condition, jewelery case has:
- crack on the front cover
- one holder for the booklet is missing
for this see photo
Price: 25euro -> 20euro
- sold out for a long time, saw this on eBay some time ago for 60USD!!!

I will be sending it via registered mail from EU worldwide, prices without shipping.
Payment via paypal only! Serious buyers only!
02 March 2014 @ 02:04 pm
[kairai]HaruComicCity19 Group Shopping

now I'm planning to provide group shopping in harucomiccity19
that'll be held on 16 March , one of the biggest doujin convention.
I believe you can get the latest work of your favorite circles / authors and special items that are released there.
You can find what you want on pixiv ( many author introduce their latest work there)
if you have an interest in , please fill the exl and send to kairai1414@yahoo.co.jp or send via facebook ~
1000yen per cicle
200yen per book / item
(in case you want more than 2 copies , it'll cost 200yen additionally)
domestic shippng
if many people join , it'll be cheaper(normally it'll be 300~400yen)
please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
if you want any items from Japan , please feel free to ask me ~

Our Services

  1. Auction Bidding Deputy

  2. Shopping Deputy you can pre-order also

  3. Tickes Orders

  4. Request Award (全員サービス zenin service , 全員プレゼント zenin present etc、応募特典)

  5. Fanclub Subscribe Deputy

  6. Deputy Shopping at the events like Comiket

  7. Search items

  8. Deputy Shopping & shipping to your customers directly !

  9. Deputy Shopping in Tokyo !!!


Hope you can enjoy your life with any Japanese items.

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I live in canada toronto if you're willing to ship here.
02 March 2014 @ 05:06 pm
Hi all, I've updated my sales with many new items from series like Hakuouki, The Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basuke, Diabolik Lovers, Norn9, Free!, Amnesia, Shingeki no Kyojin, Uta no Prince-Sama among others!  Please take a look and make a comment under the respective posts if you're interested in anything~  Below are a few examples, there are many more on the site.

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