March 11th, 2014

Glomp Attack

Forever Selling stickers, anime, manga posters, postcards, figures, plushies, etc

Hi. Guys! I have a ton of goodies for sale. Anime Dvds, Manga, postcards, posters, stickers, buttons, figures, plushies, keychains, you name it!

Please check out my album on fb: You can either message me through facebook or LJ for item information!
Thanks for looking!

WTB Code Geass Wonderland pillow cover (and other items)


I am really trying to find the Code Geass Wonderland pillow cover shown here for a reasonable price:

I am also trying to find, again for a reasonable price, the Dream Cushion Cover Lelouch. Either of these can be new or used. It doesn't matter to me as long as they look good and come from a smoke-free, odor-free home. ;)

If you have one (or both!) please let me know!

I also have a wish list here, but, at the moment, I am focusing on those two pillow covers:

Thank you!