May 6th, 2014

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acsplash's Ongoing Anime/Manga/Game stuff sale

splash's Ongoing Anime/Manga/Game stuff sale

LJ user for 13 long years, smoke-free personal collector with a laid-back garage sale ~ lots of rare collectibles!

Ex - Shingeki no Kyojin posters

Anime: Yowamushi Pedal, Mekaku City Actors, Cardfight Vanguard, FREE!, Makai Ouji, K, Magi, Tsuritama, Inazuma Eleven, Uta no Prince-sama, Inu x Boku SS, Tiger & Bunny, Kimi to Boku, Natsume Yuujinchou, Ao no Exorcist, Code Geass, Durarara!!, K-On!, Digimon, Pokemon, Precure, FMA, Gintama, Gundam, Haruhi, Hakuouki, Kuroshitsuji, Sengoku Basara, Kyou Kara Maou, Ookiku Furikabutte, Hetalia, Ouran... just to list a few
I'm loaded with rare clear files, pencilboards, posters, and other collectibles!
Magazines: Selling BRAND NEW Animage!
I also add in freebies with orders!

Shipping from US to anywhere in the world!
All other details in the post.
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Salespost : Lots of Clothes from Harajuku / Tokyo to sell under 6.01€

I'm currently staying in Tokyo since 7 months and because I have to go back to Germany in a few months I want to get rid of things I don't wear anymore or never have worn after I urgently had to buy them :)

All prices are without shippingcosts and I'm also willing to give discount when you want to buy more then one piece. Just write me a message or leave a comment under this entry ♥
Rosa-Leo Shirt / Minidress SOLD
Size: M-L
Brand: Colza
Price: 5€
Condition; good, bought it on a flea market in Harajuku

Gray Dress   SOLD
Size: M (but i wear a L and it was a little bit to big for me)
Brand: Pageboy
Price: 3€
Condition; good, bought it on a flea market in Harajuku

transparent black dress
Size: M (but it's very small at the taille)
Brand: off-brand
Price: 4€
Condition; good, bought it on a flea market in Harajuku

Maxidress Black-White
Size: L
Brand: mon bijou
Price: 3€
Condition; good, bought it on a flea market in Harajuku

Skull Blouse
Size: M-L
Brand: off-brand
Price: 6€
Condition: worn twice

black skirt
Size: XL-XXL
Brand: off-brand
Price: 3€
Condition: good

Destroyed Shirt
Size: M-L
Brand: off-brand
Price: 4€
Condition: good

Mouse CropShirt
Size: M
Brand: GladNews
Price: 6€
Condition: good

Flowerpower Skirt
Size: M-L
Brand: off-brand
Price: 2€
Condition: good, worn a few times

Size: M
Brand: Pinky Girls
Price: 4€
Condition: never worn, but bought it second hand

Brown Skirt
Size: onesize
Brand: axes femme
Price: 3€
Condition: never worn




I have a lot of things to sell I HAVE ADDED A NEW DOUJINSHI BY COU AORI AND SOURCE PLAY. Other items include the complete fourth season of Digimon, Complete DVD set of Lucky Star, doujinshi by Pandora Box, iYou, Fuukatei, Classic Milk + Peace and Alien and others, various Code Geass items, yaoi manga, other manga, anime, and a lot else! Please take a look! I really need to sell this stuff!! Feel free to make me reasonable offers through LJ! I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY CAT'S YEARLY SHOTS THIS MONTH, SO ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!

I also have a wish list here: (at the moment I am more interested in trading because of my cat's shots, but if they don't cost much I could afford to pay for them)

I am really trying to find the Code Geass Wonderland pillow cover shown here for a reasonable price:

I am also trying to find, again for a reasonable price, the Dream Cushion Cover Lelouch. Either of these can be new or used. It doesn't matter to me as long as they look good and come from a smoke-free, odor-free home. ;)

If you have one (or both!) please let me know!
Thank you!

and i care why?

DVDs and video games, primarily!

Hi everyone, it's been a while!

I have some old video games for sale today, plus several different old anime series and a Jrock concert or two, plus a drumstick that I caught at a Dir en grey concert four years or so ago. Just trying to clean out my closet!

The prices listed are flexible, you can feel free to make an offer. I do not accept trades.

Message me with what you're interested in and your zip code/country and I can give you a shipping estimate and total. 8)

There's some Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Persona, and more!

Thanks for looking!

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