July 3rd, 2014


Manga Sale

Lowered prices are listed but I will consider any reasonable offer (especially for the large sets). Pictures available, please ask!

All manga is in very good condition, with some shelf wear. Prices are listed in USD, and 'shipped prices' apply to US addresses, intl' shipping will cost extra unfortunately.

Beauty Pop! (1-10, complete series)   $30, shipped
We Were There (1)    $4, shipped
Hetalia (1)    $4, shipped     sold
Aishiteruze Baby (1 & 2)    $7, shipped for both
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (1-18, 23)   $65 shipped
Hana Kimi (1-23, complete set)   $80 shipped
Hana Kimi Artbook   $13 shipped
InuYasha (1 & 2)   very old, slightly rough condition, $5 shipped for both
Fruits Basket (1)   $4 shipped
Dragon Ball (1)   $4, shipped
Otomen (1-16)   $60 shipped

I prefer paypal, but will also accept money orders. Feedback can be found here: http://gsj-feedbacks.livejournal.com/262408.html


Head over to my journal for details and pictures of all the items.  I'm open to any offers right now so if there's something you're interested in, let me know what you feel is the right amount and we'll bargain.


Kiss of Fire (Youka Nitta - Haru o Daiteita/Embracing Love)

Cross (Arina Tanemura - Gentleman’s Alliance)

Gundam Wing First Photo Book (damaged)

Gravitation TV Anime Fanbook

400 Year Resort (Uki Ogasawara)


Flower Moon (Sanami Matou)

Jinchuu (KenshinxKaoru / Shinji Yamaguchi)

“kanji title” (KenshinxKaoru / Shinji Yamaguchi)

Mix Up v1-3 (PoT, Yonezou Nekota/Komeya)

AP the Best v1-2 (Misc, Yonezou Nekota/Komeya)


All My Darling Daughters

B.O.D.Y. v1-3

Dark Hunters; Infinity v1

Dictatorial Grimore v1

Fujoshi Rumi v1-3

Gakuen Prince v1-3

Garden Dreams

Gate v1

Himeyuka & Rozione’s Story

Imadoki/Nowadays Complete Series

Kimi ni Todoke v2

Love Phobia v1-2

Midnight Secretary v1-4

Moon & Sandals v1-2

Nightschool Complete Series

Ooku v1-3

Red Angel Complete Series

Suzuka v1-7

Tenshi Ja Nai Complete Series

Vampire Knight v4,5

Witch & Wizard v1-3

X-Day Complete Series



Alone In My King’s Harem

Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love v1


Cigarette Kisses

Crimson Snow

Deflower The Boss

Endless Rain

Exotic & Delicious Fate

Future Lovers Complete Series

Garden Sky

Hybrid Child

Intense Rain

Liberty Liberty

Loveless v1-8

Lovers & Souls

Lovers In The Night

Maiden Rose v2

My Only King


Only The Ring Finger Knows

Open the Door to Your Heart

Our Everlasting Complete Series

Just Around The Corner

Passion Complete Series

Pathos Complete Series


Prince Charming Complete Series

Then Comes Love

Time Lag

Trash v1

Two of Hearts


Stolen Heart

Virtuoso di Amore

White Brand

This Night’s Everything

Truly Kindly


Gundam Seed Playing Cards

Rurouni Kenshin Playing Cards

PL Nunn’s Dynasty of Ghost & Bloodraven

Teahouse Character Trading Cards

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Ebay Auction: One day left!

Ring Around the Kitty has 1 day left on her auction. Starting price is $1.99 + shipping. Winning bidder will also receive the christmas-themed tin as a free gift with purchase!

(No need to do anything more than indicate, "yes I would like the free tin" in the buyer's message. That listing is good 'til cancelled, so I can end it at will and there is no double charge for shipping.)

Thanks for looking!