July 20th, 2014

final fantasy tactics
  • conkwe

San Diego Comic Con Shopping Service

I'll be attending San Diego Comic Con, which starts later this week. and I'll be taking item requests again.

Here's the link to all the info regarding the shopping service: http://gametz.com/General_Marketplace/taking-:san-diego-comic-con-requests--516243.html#new
If anyone is interested, PM me or leave a comment ASAP as the con is coming up very soon.

I'm trying to save up for some spending money. Check out my journal for video games, jpop, kpop, manga, anime, and much more.

Also, my current wants  list:
Kingdom Hearts Key Blank from Hot Topic, prefer new and uncut
Kingdom Hearts Mascot Avatar Straps - Sora, Sora Halloween ver., Axel, Sephiroth, Cloud KH ver., Leon, Lightning

Free Shipping Sales~!

I've updated my sales with slashed prices and a special deal going for this week. Anything you purchase over the price of $5 will be shipped to you for free~! Please come help me clear out these goodies. My community feedback is here while my private feedback can be viewed here. I'd be happy to trade any item in my sales (save for the canvas plushies) for a Slowpoke Pokedoll (in any condition) if anyone is interested~!

Current Sales~!

Thank you!