July 23rd, 2014

Selling lots of anime goods!

Hi everyone. I'm trying to get rid of all my inventory and I have lots of goods to get rid of. I need to get rid of as much as possible because I'll be going away for college soon so feel free to offer. I have a lot of DRAMAtical Murder plushies, Free! goods and a lot more. I still haven't listed/posted them all yet but I will try to post everything. So feel free to check out my sales post here. Thank you for your time.


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sailor saturn

Sailor Moon Sales!

It's time for me to post some sales again. I am working on trying to downsize my collection to make room for newer merch coming out, as well as make some extra cash.

Sales Policies:

Prices DO NOT include shipping (unless noted), and currently I only ship to the United States and Canada.

Prices DO NOT include Paypal fees.

I do my best to ship once a week, but sometimes life gets really hectic and I cannot ship items as soon as I like. I will keep you updated though if I am unable to ship on time.

I prefer to send packages with insurance and tracking, but if you want to save on shipping I can send them without one or both. Please note that if you opt out of tracking and insurance, I am NOT responsible if the package gets lost/damaged.

If you want to see more pictures of something, or have any questions about the condition of an item, PLEASE ask! I will not accept returns unless I have grossly misrepresented an item.

All items come from a non-smoking home, but I do have cats.

If you have any other questions, please message me!

**My username has changed from RadiantNyx to SilentPolaris. I am still the same person though.**

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Some Items For Sale

I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash (buyer's risk). PP fees will be added to the total. Shipping only to the US. Sorry. ): If you don't like the price, please feel free to offer. Thanks for looking! (:

Final Fantasy 7 UMD Case
LaLa Monthly Magazines
Shojo Beat Magazines
1 Reborn! Doujinshi (Reborn x Collonello, Reborn x Lambo)
Naruto Posterzine 2
Ouran High School Host Club Part 1
Vampire Knight 2, 10
Bleach 1, 3, 19, 20, 26
Bleach 33-36 (Japanese)
Lies and Kisses - Masara Minase (Yaoi)
Captive Hearts 1-2
The Devil Within 2
Wanted 1
Angel Sanctuary 1-2 (Very Yellowed)
xXxholic 1
Millennium Snow 1
Alichino 1-3
MeruPuri 1
La Corda D'Oro 1
Shaolin Sisters 1
Saiunkoku Monogatari Emaki 1
Black Butler 1 (not pictured)
Final Fantasy 13 (PS3 - Not Pictured)
Vampire Knight Illustrations Artbook

Devil's Infirmary
A Fallen Saint's Kiss
Beast & Feast
Finder 3+
No Touching At All
Honey Darling
Your Love Sickness
In These Words Vol 1
Just show me what English yaoi manga you have~

Feedback post here! All positive! :D


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