August 2nd, 2014

Yaoi doujinshi for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi doujinshi for sale. All items are brand new.

YAOI doujinshi:
- Kuroko no Basuke (x1: non-ya)
- Axis Powers Hetalia (x2: Hakoniwa, Suiseimushi)
- Gintama (x3: Komae Salon, Omomuki High Jump)
- Tiger & Bunny (x3: MICROMACRO, UNKY, Kou.)

*You will find the prices and descriptions on my LJ: here
*The feedback page: click (all feedbacks are positive)
*If you have any question - feel free to write!
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DS: Massive Visual Kei and JROCK Sale (CDs/DVDs/merchandise and clothing)

Hello everybody! I am doing a VISUAL KEI MASSIVE SALE because I have no more room in my house and because I need some extra money. This massive sale includes

- CDs, DVDs, PHOTOSETS and CHEKI from the following bands: alice nine, Ayabie, An Cafe, D, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, Edogawa Paradox, HISKAREA, juliadoll, KISAKI PROJECT, Lin- the end of corruption world-, Lolita23Q, Matenrou Opera, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Moran, MUCC, NightingeiL, Phantasmagoria, Rounouir, Scarlett, Unite, V.A., Valluna and Wizard


- VISUAL KEI, PUNK LOLITA AND ROCK CLOTHING from Japan from the following Japanese brands: SEX POT REVENGE, Putumayo, h.Naoto, BLACK PEACE NOW, LISTEN FLAVOR

[[ RULES ]]
♥ I accept only PayPal
♥ My feedback is here
Prices are negotiable
♥ If you buy at least three items, you'll receive a discount
♥ All sales are final
♥ Items are all original
♥ First pays, first gets the item
♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide
♥ I am not responsible for any lost or damaged package
♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live.
♥ I don't accept trade
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If you're interested in something or want some detailed info, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Best wishes


[kairai]comiket86 group shopping !!! (during 15~17 aug) & easy doujin books order

[kairai]Comiket86 Group shopping !!! (During 15~17 Aug)

During 15 ~ 17 Aug , one of the biggest doujin conventions will be held !!
if you have an interest in buying there , please check this article , thank you !!
(it's ok to contact via livejournal mail though, but it sometimes doesn't notify me , so it's likely to delay to reply you ><)
Please tell me whether you wanna join or not and send the initial list within July first ,
you can change the list later !!!
Those webs may help you to find what you want :D you wanna check this web catalogue , please check the exl file.)

<How to order ?>
Please download those exl , fill and send it to or via facebook etc ^-^
<Order Plan / Commission>
We provide 3 plans to buy at Comiket86 , please check below ~
It's normally success-based fee without Plan A ^^
(1)Plan A(Normal Order)
This is the plan we've provided since we started this service to buy the goods at the doujin & company booth.if you wanna buy several items from the same circle or company , this may work well !
1000yen per "doujin circle" + 200yen per item or book
2500yen per "company booth" + 200yen per item or book
It'll take 1 week around to inform the results , so if you wanna know the results soon ,we will recommend you to use Plan C !
in case you want the same items , it'll cost 200yen per items additionally.
it's likely that it's impossible to visit the popular company booth.
(2)Plan B(Express)
This is the plan we provided for ComicCity134 before , You can buy the goods at the doujin & company booth.
1100yen per "item" for doujin booth.
2500yen per "item" for Company booth.
We can inform the shopping results within 2 ~ 3days.
in case you order bigger , bulky or fragile goods , it'll cost 1000yen additionally(not per item)

(3)Plan C(Company Booth Order Only )
It's prospected that it's so hard to get the goods from popular company booth like Kyoto animation(Free! etc) , We'll hire the deputy only for you to buy them.
fixed 7500yen + 2500yen x the numbers of the company
Even if we fail to buy , we have to take commission somehow , please remember it :o
(though till now it's not happened that we couldn't buy even 1 items)
<Domestic shippng>
if many people join , it'll be cheaper(normally it'll be 200~400yen)
1)We guess that you prefer to get the novelties also , we'll try as far as possible though , it's sometimes hard to get. if you really want the novelty goods , sometimes it's better to find at Yahoo Japan Auction.
2)if you want "sketch book" , please inquire us first ! we can provide it also.
3)if you can't open the exl file , please download them ,
4)it's likely that the booth won't you allow to buy the same goods to prevent reselling.
Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions ^-^
by Your shopping and bidding deputy in Japan , kairai1414
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$2 anime dvds and manga, free shipping if you spend $15 or more!

Selling part of my anime dvd and manga collection. All are $2 each and the original US release editions. Free shipping if you spend $15 or more! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Anime Dvds- $2 each

Agent Aika vol. 2: Final Battle
Ah My Goddess: Flights of Fancy vol. 1
Angel Sanctuary
Big Windup: Part One (episodes 1-13)
Gad Guard vols 2, 5, 6
Getbackers vol. 6
Gun x Sword vol. 4
I’m Gonna be an Angel vol. 1
Labyrinth of Flames
Magikano vol. 2
Melody of Oblivion vol. 3
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Temptation (dvd only)
Saiyuki vol. 10: Trouble in Paradise
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock vol. 7
Steel Angel Kurumi vol. 3
Texhnolyze vol. 1
Tokyo Underground vol. 2
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Season 3, vol. 1
Ultramaniac vol. 4
Utawarerumono vol. 2, 5
Vandread The Second Stage vols. 2, 4
Viewtiful Joe vol. 2

Manga- $2 each

(small sharpie line on spine on many, marked with SL)

Aria vols 1-3
Black God vol. 5 (SL)
Boogieopop Doesn’t Laugh 1
Clamp School Defenders Duklyon vols. 1, 2
Demon Ororon vols. 2-4 (SL)
DNangel vols. 1(some cover damage and generally beat up, fine reading copy), 3(SL)
Eensy Weensy Monster vol. 2
From Eroica with Love vol. 1 (SL)
From Hell vol. 6, 7 (water damage on back cover, doesn’t affect inside) (SL)
Genshiken vols. 1 (back cover bent doesn’t affect inside), 3 (SL)
Getbackers vol. 1 (tear in back cover, doesn’t affect inside), 12 (SL)
Hellsing vols. 2, 3 (quite a bit of cover bending)
Here is Greenwood vol. 9
Ichiroh vol. 3
Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs vol. 2 (SL)
Junk: Record of the Last Hero vol. 2 (SL)
Kanji de Manga vol. 4
Kannazuki no Miko vol. 1
Kaze Hikaru vols. 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10 (SL)
Kujibiki Unbalance vol. 1
Last Fantasy vol. 1 (SL)
Les Bijoux vol. 1 (SL)
Lone Wolf and Cub vols. 4, 7 (SL)
Maburaho vol. 2
Madara vol. 1 (SL)
Maison Ikkoku vols. 1, 2, 4, 7 (some cover damage), 8
Mariaholic vol. 1 (small tear in cover, some bending, fine reading copy) (SL)
Model vol. 4 (SL)
Moonphase vol. 8
More Starlight To Your Heart vol. 1 (SL)
Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation vol. 3 (SL)
My Dead Girlfriend vol. 1 (SL)
My-Hime vol. 2 (SL)
Nadesico vol. 1 (SL)
Negima vols. 1, 6, 10, 11. 13-15, 17, 18 (SL)
Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 1
Peach Girl vol. 8 (SL)
Planet Blood vol. 1 (SL)
Please Save My Earth vol. 4 (SL)
Po Po Can vol. 1 (SL)
Quasar of Stigmata vol. 2 (some cover bending) (SL)
Q-ko-chan vol. 1 (SL)
RA-I (front cover bent doesn’t affect inside) (SL)
Raiders vol. 2 (SL)
Ranma ½ vols, 8, 11 (unflipped, both have tag residue)
Someday’s Dreamers vol. 1, 2
Someday’s Dreamers Spellbound 1
Translucent vol. 3 (SL)
Trigun Maximum vol. 3 (SL)



Trying to sell a lot of items, so please come on over and take a look.

Keychains, Posters, Plush, Stationary, Figures, Games, and more!
Series include: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Seed/Wing/Unicorn etc, Attack on Titan, Clannad, Kingdom Hearts, FMA and way way more!

Thanks! :D
FMS: Surprise!

Manga/Anime Sales Clearout

Greetings everyone! I need the room so everything listed must go, please take this stuff off my hands. I've added more manga with further selections coming once I read and watch more series I have piled up. Starred items (*) are one shots or complete series.


Shonen Ai/Yaoi: Loveless vol.1

Shojo: Sugar Princess vol.1, Kare First Love vol.1-3+8-10, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden vol.1-3+11, Grand Guignol Orchestra vol.1, Romeo x Juliet omnibus, Sweet Rein vol.1-3, Voice Over! Seiryuu Academy vol.1, Chobits vol.1-8*, Phantom Thief Jeanne vol.1+2.

Misc: Full Metal Panic vol.1, Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium vol.4, Kingdom Hearts II vol.1+2*, .hack//G.U.+ vol.1, Yotsuba&! vol.10, Ranma 1/2 omnibus vol.1+2, Uzumaki omnibus*, Tokyo Babylon omnibus vol.1+2*, Trigun omnibus & Trigun Maximum omnibus vol.1-3, Genshiken omnibus vol.1, Watamote vol.4.

Anime DVD's

Region 1 discs:
Kizuna vol.2, Gravitation vol.1, Sukisho*, Princess Princess*, Negima vol.1, ef: A Tale of Memories & A Tale of Melodies*, Air (TV+OVA's)*, S.A (Special A) Part One, Gakuen Heaven*, Hakuoki Season 1+2+3.

Region 2 discs: Akira*, Angel Beats*, Buso Renkin*, Claymore*, Ghost in the Shell (both films)*, Hellsing TV*, Isudatte My Santa*, Jy-oh-sei*, Petshop of Horrors*, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyme*, Witch Hunter Robin*, Fullmetal Alchemist vol.1-4, K-On! Season 1 & K-On! the Movie.
Also selling Anime Soundtracks, DS Games and Neo UK Magazines!

Free additional CD/Game or discount on chosen DVD with any purchase over £15!

All Sales Here!

  • Items are shipped from the UK via Royal Mail, priced in Pounds Sterling {£}. I will convert costs to other currencies on request.

  • Willing to ship internationally.

  • Serious Buyers only please.

  • Payments through Paypal only, willing to trade or haggle depending on individual cases.

  • All sales details are in the guide above my items post, linked above. Please read carefully before asking about purchases.

  • Feel free to check my feedback if you feel so inclined.