August 5th, 2014


Sale post

I'm selling a few manga and over 200 doujinshi from various different fandoms at my new journal.
Take a look if interested.

Prices are close to what I got them for. This will last till 20th max.

Magazine&Manga | Daiya no A DJ | Yowamushi Pedal DJ | Shingeki no Kyoujin | JUMP related (OP,Bleach,Toriko, etc) | Game related (Danganrompa, Biohazard, Fate, etc) | Various Japanese fandoms (Onepunch Man, Magi, Free, T&B, Gingitune, etc) | Western fandom (Marvel, Hollywood,..) | Original doujinshi

DOUJINSHIS+MANGA - 15% garage sale discount

Hero no michi wa kewashii nodegozaru no maki. by Kuchibirukara Sandanju $10
Burogu de o nayami soudandegozaru no maki by Kuchibirukara Sandanju $10
さなぎ by ジキル (Akira Houjo) $25 (rare)
Doll by Houseki-Hime $10 (novel)
Boy Vouage by _____ $10
Sion by ______ $8
Cromo di Genio? by -acero- / Rinko Sagara/Chihito Aoyagi $5
The Party's Over V2 by ciao baby $10
All itens are new or like new, unless stated otherwise. I think prices are fair but ig you have proposals please let me know.
I ship from Portugal to Worldwide. The default shipping method is Economic (15~30/60 days) if you want it to be faster please make it as a note while buying.
Use this post as method of buying (if you comment here what you want to buy) I will give a discount of 15% (shipping uncluded) if you buy 2 or more itens of each category (doujinshi or manga).