September 13th, 2014

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books for sale

Japanese Study Books

Adventures in Japanese 4: $10 , Calligraphy: カなの基本 $6 , Japanese Verbs & Essentials of Grammar: $1 (2nd edition) , ことばれんしゅうちょう: $3,

A Geisha's Journey: $9. Style Deficit Disorder: SOLD

JLPT Books

Notes on the previous-level JLPT books: despite the JLPT having changed levels (from 1-4 to N1-N5), the language has not changed, and the validity of the question is not compromised. ♥, 完全マスター2級 日本語能力試験文法問題 (previous level text): $3 SOLD, 日本語能力試験1・2級レベル: 語彙 : $3, 日本語能力試:3級 (previous level text): $3

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manga ➝ furutsuji ◦ poke
  • nanpa

bl/yaoi/shoujo/shounen manga, doujinshi, jpop goods sale!

hello, I'm going on a Big Vacation in the coming months and am selling a small chunk of my anime/manga/jpop collection for a little extra spending money!!


includes a lot of smaller idol groups, big-time and debuting bl mangaka, both old and new shoujo manga, random shounen manga, and much more!

Thank you!

Manga and Anime!

I'm cleaning out old manga that I haven't read in ages, prices are listed but I will consider any reasonable offer. Will give discounts for multiple items purchased. Pictures under cut!

All manga is in very good condition, with some shelf wear. Prices are listed in USD, and 'shipped' applies to US addresses. ITL shipping will cost extra, unfortunately.

Beauty Pop! (1-10, complete series)   $37, shipped
We Were There (1)    $4, shipped
Aishiteruze Baby (1 & 2)    $8, shipped
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion   $4, shipped SOLD
Appleseed CMX $5, shipped
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (1-18, 23)   $70 shipped
Hana Kimi (1-23, complete set)   $90 shipped
Hana Kimi Artbook   $15 shipped, $10 if bought with the manga
InuYasha (1 & 2)   very old, slightly rough condition, $5 shipped
Fruits Basket (1)   $4 shipped SOLD
Dragon Ball (1)   $4, shipped
Strobe Edge (1-6, 8) $30 shipped for all, or $26 shipped for 1-6. $4 shipped for vol 8
Sakura-Hime (1-10) $50 shipped, these are brand new
Otomen (1-16)   $65 shipped

I also have the Ouran High School Host Club english dubbed anime, only watched once. make an offer!
Random anime volumes: FullMetal Alchemist, Case Closed, Death Note live-action movie: make offers!

I prefer paypal, but will also accept money orders. Feedback can be found here:

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