October 13th, 2014

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Very RARE japanese Geisha statue (handmaded, from Japan) and Japanese magazines (kanji)

I am selling these two "items":

size of the black bottom part: 10,5x10,5cm
size of the whole statue: 22,5cm
It is NEW and very RARE, handmaded, with beautiful fabric and hand-painted fan. From Japan. Selling for 30USD ONLY! Great as Christmas gift, gift for someone we love or as a decoration to your room.

This all comes in one set that includes:
- The notebook is an old edition but in as new condition. It has squares inside for you to practise writing kanji. It is not a study book but only a notebook for writing! It has around 40 double pages (?)
-att.japan magazine with maps, recommendation about places to stay at in Japan, anime college info, anime events and some latest trends. The texts are in English, Japanese and Korean. 40 pages.
- magazine with sushi - information about the best sushi restaurants in Japan together with luring photos, pages: 20. In Japanese only.
- travel guide - train information, maps, where to stay, the best things to see from the traditional Japan with awesome photos. Around 30 pages, all in Japanese.
This I am selling as a set of all of the things listed above and the price for the whole set is 13USD.

I am shipping from Europe, worldwide, payment thru paypal only.

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music, fashion, anime, game and more for sale!

Please check out my storenvy shop where I have up for sale a lot of Japanese music, and some other Japanese items, such as, video games, movies, magazines, anime, fashion, and accessories.
I have feedback info here - http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/530096.html
I only ship to the usa!

Some of the artists items for sale are -
Yui, Tommy Heavenly6, Mucc, DuelJewel, The Captains, Plastic Tree, Kaela Kimura,Go!Go!7188, Cocco, Chara, Porori, Aya, Flame, Lead, Kagrra, Shaka Labbits, Hanako Oku, Lucifer, Hysteric Blue, Janga69, Heidi. Puffy, and more!

Please feel free to ask me any questions!