October 17th, 2014

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DS: Massive Visual Kei and JROCK Sale (CDs/DVDs/goods and clothing)

Hello everybody! I am doing a VISUAL KEI MASSIVE SALE because I have no more room in my house and because I need some extra money. This massive sale includes

- CDs, DVDs, PHOTOSETS and CHEKI from the following bands: Ayabie, An Cafe, D, Dio-distraught overlord-, DIR EN GREY, KISAKI PROJECT, Matenrou Opera, Miyavi, MoNoLith, Moran, MUCC, Phantasmagoria, Scarlett, V.A. and Wizard


- VISUAL KEI, PUNK LOLITA AND ROCK CLOTHING from Japan from the following Japanese brands: SEX POT REVENGE, Putumayo, h.Naoto, PEACE NOW, BLACK PEACE NOW, LISTEN FLAVOR

[[ RULES ]]
♥ I accept only PayPal
♥ My feedback is here
Prices are negotiable
♥ If you buy at least three items, you'll receive a discount
♥ All sales are final
♥ Items are all original
♥ First pays, first gets the item
♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide
♥ I am not responsible for any lost or damaged package
♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live.
♥ I don't accept trade
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If you're interested in something or want some detailed info, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Best wishes


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Auctions are here
0.99+shipping starting point; US bidders only.

- Fairy Fencer F (PS3)
- Monster Vol. 1-6 (manga; listed each volume separately to help those who need a singular volume, will combine ship if someone wants all)

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Yaoi doujinshi for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi doujinshi for sale. All items are brand new.

YAOI doujinshi:
- Shingeki no Kyojin (x1: Gusari)
- Gintama (x1: Komae Salon)
- Sengoku Basara (x1: RACCOON DOGS)
- Axis Powers Hetalia (x1: Hakoniwa)
- Original (x2: CJ Michalski)

*You will find the prices and descriptions on my LJ: here
*The feedback page: click (all feedbacks are positive)
*If you have any question - feel free to write!