October 26th, 2014

Sell some pokemon latest plushies

fortunately there is Pokemon shop branch , so could buy the latest goods there !
I'll buy those goods by deputy , please feel free to ask me if you have any questions :D

Payment : Paypal prefered (can accept bankwire(in USA) , moneygram etc)
Shipping : EMS , Airmail , SAL , Registered Airmail , Registered SAL (*Shipping from Japan !)
How to Order ? : Please send email to japanauctionagency@gmail.com or contact via facebook (lj message is ok also at first ^^) please tell me not only the name of the goods but also upper right alphabet & numbers just in case.
Remarks :
I provide dpeuty shopping and bidding service also , so if you wanna combine those goods and other items , please check my web ! http://japanauction.byethost11.com/

2014/10/26 sales


2014/10/18 sales





1. I am decluttering my home and I have lots up for sale! FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS!
2. I have 100% positive feedback on other forums. Please email me at jialee91 at gmail.com for them.
4. Due to the increase in international shipping, I am selling and shipping only within the US. Sorry!

1. NEW TINKLE Artbook - $60

2. Like New Gurren Lagann Groundworks - Has sketches of the entire series - $120 for all 3

3. Like New Finder by Ayano Yamane - 1 and 5 - Make offers

4. New Plushies in Cellophane - Pajama Kitty - $40; Strawberry Kitty - $45, Small Onsen Yellow Kitty - $10

Chbs: Chii - Can't Fight the Moonlight

Manga/Anime Sales Clearout

Greetings everyone! I need the room and some extra cash so everything listed must go. I'm happy to take reasonable offers so prices aren't set in stone, please take this stuff off my hands. I've added more manga with further selections from my books, games and DVD's coming once I read and watch more series I have piled up. Starred items (*) are one shots or complete series.


Shonen Ai/Yaoi: Loveless vol.1, Wolf Magic*.

Shojo: Sugar Princess vol.1, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden vol.1-3+11, Romeo x Juliet omnibus*, Voice Over! Seiryuu Academy vol.1-7, Phantom Thief Jeanne vol.1-4, Millennium Snow vol.3.

Misc: Full Metal Panic vol.1, Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium vol.4, Ranma 1/2 omnibus vol.1+2, 3+4 & 5+6, Uzumaki omnibus*, Genshiken omnibus vol.1, Missions of Love vol.1+2, Manga Dogs vol.1.

Anime DVD's

Region 1 discs:
Kizuna vol.2, Princess Princess*, Negima vol.1, Wagnaria!! (Working!!)*, The Gokusen*.

Region 2 discs: Akira*, Angel Beats*, Buso Renkin*, Ghost in the Shell (both films)*, Isudatte My Santa*, Jy-oh-sei*, Petshop of Horrors*, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyme*, Fullmetal Alchemist vol.1-4, K-On! Season 1 & K-On! the Movie, Metropolis*, Okami-San and her Seven Companions*, Elfen Lied*, Death Note Relight: Visions of a God*.
Also selling Anime Soundtracks, DS Games and Neo UK Magazines!
Free additional CD/Game or discount on chosen DVD with any purchase over £15!

All Sales Here!

  • Items are shipped from the UK via Royal Mail, priced in Pounds Sterling {£}. I will convert costs to other currencies on request.

  • Willing to ship internationally.

  • Serious Buyers only please.

  • Payments through Paypal only, willing to trade or haggle depending on individual cases.

  • All sales details are in the guide above my items post, linked above. Please read carefully before asking about purchases.

  • Feel free to check my feedback if you feel so inclined.