November 12th, 2014

Sold out Noir print set of all 8 by GuiltPleasure on ebay

Noir Print Set by GuiltPleasure
The Noir Print set includes 6 black and white "noir"-esque photo like prints and 2 color prints from GuiltPleasure's works (yaoi stories) and one Guest Art for Jojo. Only 250 of these sets had all 8 prints and are now sold out.  They are all partial gloss/matte finish.  Each print is 7" x 10" (B5) and printed on heavy card stock. The set of 8 comes in a specially designed envelope with silver lettering.
This set is brand new, in protective plastic. Set was removed briefly from protective plastic, only to confirm that all 8 prints were present and to take photos.  Currently on ebay at:

SpicedWolf's SALE! SELLING Anime, Manga, Figures, Gundams, Video Games, Plush & More!


Anime Goods, Phone Straps & Misc *new items added 11/11*

Scale Figures & Other Figures *new items added 11/11*

Nendoroids *new items added 11/11*

Gundams & Model Kits *new items added 11/11*

Anime DVDs & Blu-Rays *new items added 11/11*

Video Games & Gaming Goods *new items added 11/11*

Plush *new items added 11/11*

Manga & Books *new items added 11/11*

Posters, Wallscrolls & Cels *new items added 11/12*

Video Game Bundles

I'm selling games in bundles on ebay.

Click on the titles to see!
*Shipping from Washington State, US

Horror Bundle
-Silent Hill Origins (Disc has scratches but works great. Tested for 30 minutes)
-Silent Hill Homecoming
-Resident Evil 4
-Dead Space Extraction
-Bonus, half-working copy of RE 2 (Both discs are pretty scratched up. Leon's scenario works great, I tested it for an hour. Claire's unfortunately is very buggy. If you can get it resurfaced I'm sure it'll play nice and smooth).

Fighting Bundle
-Tekken 4
-King of Fighter's XI/11
-Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Final Fantasy Bundle
-Final Fantasy VII (Original Black Label before the misprint)
-Final Fantasy VII Official Strategy Guide
-Final Fantasy X (Mail-order form on back of manual has been ripped out)
Bonus, Japanese copy of FFVIII.

Devil May Cry + God of War Bundle
-Devil May Cry
-Devil May Cry 2 (Case won't close)
-Devil May Cry 3 (Greatest Hits)
-God of War
-God of War II (2-Disc Version)

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