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Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.
10 January 2015 @ 11:43 pm
Getting rid of some of my Naruto things.

Open to price negotiation on everything.

Official merchandise includes: San Diego Comic Con Itachi & Sasuke (unopened), Limited Edition items from JUMP shops and the Naruto theme park in 2012, mostly Sasuke/Itachi/Team Taka items.

Doujinshi includes: Itachi/Sasuke-centric doujinshi, signed Mutsumix books, Mutsumix washcloth and goodies, Akatsuki doujinshi, KakuHidan doujinshi (including Rauhreif).

Cut for photos and listings!Collapse )

I also have an extensive doujinshi collection centered around Madara - HashiMada, MadaTobi, MadaObi, & HashiTobi, as well as non-pairing books about him & Hashirama. Please contact me for details.
10 January 2015 @ 11:55 pm
We are taking pre-order for little cute Sailor Moon

There are 8 items in total (7 as shown + 1 secret item).

Please e-mail us at small.house1981@gmail.com and we will reply back detail and total cost.

Thanks for the space~ Please follow us at out Instragram, "small_house1981".