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I have free gifts for purchases over $70.
I have a lot of things to sell I HAVE ADDED NEW items including Code Geass and Gundam SEED Chara Figures (pictured below; $15 each w/free shipping in USA), yaoi items and newly added CM + PA.
Other items include the doujinshi by iYou, Classic Milk + Peace and Alien and others, various Code Geass items, yaoi manga, other manga, anime, and a lot else! Please take a look! I really need to sell this stuff!! Feel free to make me reasonable offers through LJ!


I also have a wish list here: (trading is preferred, but if they don't cost much I could afford to pay for them)


Thank you!

If you purchase $70 or more through LJ, you can choose any avalliable chara figure as a free gift, my way of saying 'thank you'! ^_^

Pictured below:
-chara figures: $15 w/free shipping in USA. [NOTE: Lloyd no longer avaliable.]
- DVD set COMPLETE Code Geass Limited Edition set Volume 1, Season 1-5 of the L word (and the rest you should be able to see what they are ^^) $150 shipped in the USA; all in excellent condition
-Code Geass set, including the official Japanese O.S.T.2 and Code Black cloth (Vol. 3 and Tales of an Alternate Shogunate are in original Japanese) $110 shipped in the USA
- Gundam SEED chara figure/yaoi manga set: $45 shipped in the USA


31 January 2015 @ 01:05 pm
Hi all,
Selling a few items right now.

Dir en grey - rinkaku (LE) *sample loaned, discs have a stamp that says "Sample-Loaned"
sukekiyo - Immortalis (LE)
Capsule - moer!more!more! (LE)
Darkstalkers 3 (PS1)

Look here for photos and more info.
Current Location: Seattle, United States
31 January 2015 @ 01:45 pm

Fineboys 2006 Aug; vol 244 - cover Hayami Mokomichi - $7
Fineboys 2006 September; vol 245 - cover Nagase Tomoya; Domoto Tsuyoshi; Narimiya Hiroki - $7
Bidan Feb 2010; vol 157 - cover Hey Say Jump Yamada Ryosuke; ABC-Z Hashimoto Ryosuke - $9
Bidan hair style catalog 2009 - $4
Kirari! magazine 2009 Aug; vol 82 - cover Masaki Okada - hairstyle japanese magazine - $5
Fineboys + Plus Hair; 06-07 A/W - cover Miyake Ken - $6
entire lot - $33

shipping not included in prices; please leave a comment here for shipping quote

feedback, rules, and other items for sale can be found at icecream_party
Riku Mihawk
31 January 2015 @ 09:19 pm
1-31-2015 9-16-37 PM

Currently open many pre-orders for items that are released in the next few months.
If interested please visit the website below: ONLINE STORE

You can also follow us on TUMBLR for updates, and news, thank you for looking!
The former great dictator
31 January 2015 @ 11:18 pm

Hello, please see below for manga and anime for sale! Very cheap, for sale within the United States only please!

Please note I live in smoke free home but with two cats! All items are in good condition. I have only bought so far in this community, this is my first time selling and I never thought to make a LJ feedback page. So here is the link to my ebay feedback page.

Sales only within the United States please. I accept paypal only and will not hold items. I ship after payment is recieved. I'll ship however you prefer. Buy more and save on shipping and handling! :D

Manga (English language only): $3 a piece plus S&H unless otherwise specified

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Anime: All are U.S. region. Most are still in shrink wrap. $2 each unless otherwise specified
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