February 11th, 2015

over 200 Anime items for sale! Lots of rare figures!

Items for sale from Hetalia, Fate Stay/Night, Fate/Zero, Monster Hunter, One Piece, Kamen Rider, Bleach, Pokemon, Digimon, K-On!, Haiyore!, Evangelion, Transformers, Saint Seiya, Kuroko's Basketball, Gintama, Reborn!, Prince of Tennis, Saiyuki, Tales of Destiny, Dragonball Z, Pretty Cure, Tiger & Bunny, Shakugan No Shana, Hozuki no Reitetsu, Moomin Valley, Anpanman, Street Fighter, Touch Detective, Lupin III, Ultraman, Dragon Quest, Gachapin, Anohana, Touhou Project, Megami Paradise, Detective Conan, Uta No Prince-Sama, Hiiro No Kakera, Lamento, Togainu No Chi, Amnesia, Berserk, Hunter X Hunter, Blue Exorcist, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hello Friends, Super Mario Bros., Re-ment, Weiss Kruez, Little Busters, Angel Beats, tons of Bishoujo items, and lots more!

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FUJI mountain things from Japan

Hello there,
I am selling a few nice souvenirs from Mountain Fuji, Japan, as seen on the picture below. I am also selling some other kawaii stuff from Japan on Livejournal HERE. All the things are new, unopened, unused. They would make a great gift for someone who loves Japan! For a student or working person since these are stationery things.
Eraser set - 9USD
(Folding) Note papers - 4USD
clips on paper in the shape of Fuji - 10USD
If you want all these 3 things together I will give you a discount so you won´t pay 9+4+10=23USD but only 20USD. This discount applies even if you buy all these 3 things and then something from the things I am selling on my other post. The discount won´t be given if you buy only 2 or 1 thing from this post and then some other things from the other post.
Prices doesn´t include shipping!
I ship anywhere in the world from Middle Europe :) The only way to pay for the items I am selling is via Paypal. Don´t contact me if you don´t have Paypal already. Loads of people reserve items so they can create PP account but then stop talking to me or it takes ages.
I think this is a nice opportunity to get some real Japanese things you can´t even buy online :) If you have any questions drop me a comment!
>BIGGER photo here<

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ON SALE: 100s of Japan Items!~ ^-^


I'm selling THOUSANDS(!) of items I've purchased in Japan. I've lived in Japan for 7 years and there's far too much stuff now.
40% of the items are even new and unopened.

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What I'm selling?

  • Japanese Artbooks and Manga

  • Doujinshi

  • Anime merchandising

  • Pinky St. Dolls

  • Japanese books

  • Japanese souvenirs (key chains, temple and shrine lucky charms etc.)

  • Japanese stationary

  • Johnny's and Jstars photos, photo books, posters, magazines

  • German manga and German anime magazines (AnimaniA, Manga sZene, ...)