February 16th, 2015

Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica For Sale

These are all the items I have for sale (with the exception of the neptune slippers and mami tomoe plush)
Items are listed for sale individually as well as in lots here

Please use the paypal option when buying on storenvy. I'm working on getting rid of stripe at the moment so that this will no longer be an issue. Feel free to ask any questions either on this post or through storenvy.

WTS: Sailor Moon Twinkle Doll Charms and Petite Chara Princess Serenity (crunchyroll)

I have some twinkle dolls and Petite Chara Princess Serenity to sell!  I won't be able to ship quickly, as I'm located in MA, and if you haven't heard, but we have had a snow storm every week, and another storm coming Tuesday.  My area currently has gotten over 60 inches of snow! :(  I will do my best to ship as soon as I can when I can drive safely to the post office!

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