March 5th, 2015

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I have lots for sale. Please take a look.

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Amnesia, Angel Beats & Aquarion EVOL &+
Ao No Exorcist & Durarara!!
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Karneval & Are You Alice?
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
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[K] + Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
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Nitro+ CHiRAL: Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder
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Rilakkuma / Re-Ment
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
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Vocaloid & Black★Rock Shooter

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Tiger & Bunny, Sweet Pool, & Durarara!! :

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  • rkold

Mostly Free Tenipuri doujinshi


I used to go to Japan, where I bought tons of doujinshi and other anime items. I've since moved house 2x and had a child. Everything is just sitting in boxes taking up space and I want it gone. Now. I'm starting with the Tenipuri doujinshi because I have a ton of it and I can't honestly remember the last time I even watched Tenipuri. Most of it is 10 years old. Most is yaoi, though I have a few sweet doujinshi that are Tezuka/Sakuno and Kikumaru/Sakuno. Some doujinshi are by circles like E-Plus and Negahyst, and some are by little no name circles of crack pairings you probably had no idea anyone did doujinshi for. (Kirihara x Tezuka, yup, I own it. Sengoku/Kisarazu, yup that one too. I also have a doujinshi where Mizuki meets a Rabbi and learns the true meaning of Shabbat, by ETD no less.) So.... you send me money for a medium USPS Priority Mail flat rate box for shipping and I will send you a box of doujinshi. If you want specific pairings or don't want specific pairings, please let me know and I will do my best to oblige. You will also get random crap I bought because I was in Japan, couldn't read Japanese and was looking for weird stuff. I'd prefer to deal with US buyers (over 18 please cause some of this stuff is smutty) simply because it's $12.65 for the flat rate box vs. I don't know what Internationally. (But hey, if you want to pay it for International, be my guest!) If you want a large flat rate box of doujinshi, then it's yours. If there is spare room I will throw in free official or doujinshi made Tenipuri extras. I have a lot.

I have older feedback on eBay (rkoldewyn)
I have feedback on Den of Angels (the ABJD board) as rkold
I had feedback on the BPAL forums at one point as rkold as well
And back when Sailor Moon had a LJ Community just for selling I had feedback there.

Thank you in advance for looking