March 22nd, 2015


Lots of shoujo furoku goodies for sale! Also shoujo mangas in japanese!☆

Hi everyone!

I desesperately need to make room in my tiny appartment, so I'm selling part of my shoujo goodies.

Link to my sale

Here are the featured series :

DNAngel / Tanemura Arina : Time Stranger Kyoko, Fullmoon wo sagashite, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Kaichou ha Maid-sama / Natsume Yuujinchou / Oresama Teacher / Sakura Wars Kanadegumi/ Soredemo Sekai ha Utsukushii
Skip Beat / Hidaka Banri : Berry Berry, Velvet Blue Rose, Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki / Gakuen Alice / Gakuen Babysitters
Haruka naru Toki no naka de / Kamisama Hajimemashita / Fukuyama Ryouko : Nosatsu Junkie, Monokuro Shonen Shojo, Fukumenkei Noise
Minami Maki : SeiyuKa, Komomo Confiserie / Akatsuki no Yona / Vampire Knight

I'm also selling tons of mangas in Japanese here, please take a look! :)

* I'm sending from Belgium (Europe)
* Prices are in euros (€) and are totally negotiable!

items must go!! newly added Code Geass Artwork books & Code Geass Limited Edition V1


I have free gifts for purchases over $70.
I have a lot of things to sell I HAVE ADDED NEW items including Code Geass and Gundam SEED Chara Figures (pictured below; $15 each w/free shipping in USA), yaoi items and newly added CM + PA.
Other items include sets with the COMPLETE series of Maburaho and My Bride is a Mermaid, doujinshi by iYou, Classic Milk + Peace and Alien and others, various Code Geass items, yaoi manga, other manga, anime, and a lot else! Please take a look! I really need to sell this stuff!! Feel free to make me reasonable offers through LJ!

I also have a wish list here: (trading is preferred, but if they don't cost much I could afford to pay for them)

Thank you!

If you purchase $70 or more through LJ, you can choose any avalliable chara figure as a free gift, my way of saying 'thank you'! ^_^

Pictured below:
-Code Geass  illustrations Relation with 2 free Lady Gaga items $80 shipped in the USA (SOLD)
-Code Geass illustrations Rebels with 2 free Lady Gaga items $80 shipped in the USA (SOLD)
-chara figures: $15 w/free shipping in USA. (C.C. in third row no longer avalible)
- DVD set COMPLETE Code Geass Limited Edition set Volume 1, Season 1-5 of the L word (and the rest you should be able to see what they are ^^) $150 shipped in the USA; all in excellent condition
-CLAMP set $30 shipped in USA
- yaoi manga/novel set: $85 shipped in the USA
-magazine collection which only show signs of some shelf wear and Newtype does not come with DVD (I bought it second hand without the DVD): $45 shipped in the USA

-Doujinshi by Juurokugou,CD/DVD special edition by Oraange Range, Brand New chara figure. The doujinshi is approx. 234 pages and is, as I was told, rare. I ended up with duplicates, so I am selling this one. $100 shipped in the USA.