March 25th, 2015

cute food: cup love

Manga, doujinshi, artbooks, books, stationary, anime figures + merchandising, JE photos and magazine


I'm selling HUNDREDS(!) of items I've purchased in Japan. I've lived in Japan for 7 years and there's far too much stuff now.
40% of the items are even new and unopened.

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What I'm selling?

  • Japanese Artbooks and Manga

  • Doujinshi

  • Anime merchandising

  • Pinky St. Dolls

  • Japanese books

  • Japanese souvenirs (key chains, temple and shrine lucky charms etc.)

  • Japanese stationary

  • Johnny's and Jstars photos, photo books, posters, magazines

  • German manga and German anime magazines (AnimaniA, Manga sZene, ...)



I am selling these things (most of them are new and UNUSED):
- zhong
new and unused, made from thin porcelain, I will give you a small cup as a freebie
price: previous price was 20USD, I want 15USD for it only (OR for 10USD when you buy more then just the zhong!)
- geisha statue
was staying on my table for two years, in great condition, comes with original fan, handmaded!, the geisha is hand-painted, height is 22,5cm, truly nice fabric. great as present or as a decoration to your house/office/coffee corner/ everywhere.
price: previous price was 65USD now I want 40USD for this unique geisha statue.
- case
a wooden new case, hand-painted with bamboo and bird, measurements are on the photo
price: previously for 10USD, I want at least 8USD for it
- tea set in a box
new, box only has a small scratch from moving around, it has four cups and one zhong, comes in a nicely hand-painted wooden box. never used, great as gift, heavy!
Price: paid 80USD for this one! I want 45USD for it. Or offer your price.
- wooden display
hand crafted wooden nature for display
Price: previously cost 12USD, I want 7USD for it


All the prices are (as you can see) lowered from the previous prices. I think you will not be able to get the geisha statue anywhere as it is one of a kind piece. The prices are without shipping costs. I ship from Middle Europe anywhere, you only have to pay for shipping. Shipping depends on weight and destination so do not hesitate to contact me with your interest and place where you live for estimation. I can take offers so do write to me when you want something but you think the prices are very high. I only accept paypal payments!