March 27th, 2015

sakura blossom sale for free! & kurobasu doujinshi at my blog!


Hi there! It's Spring now in Japan and currently I'm having a Sakura Blossom Sale at my blogspot.
I'm selling a quite nice collection of Free! and Kuroko no Basuke doujinshi and some of the pairings
I offer are:

  1. Sourin

  2. Makorin

  3. Harurin

  4. Momosou

  5. Aokise

  6. Akakuro

  7. Aokuro and some more.

Please do visit my blog for more information.
Prices ranging as low as 500yen($5~) with shipping starting from 900yen($9~)!
This is my feedback page.
Thank and have a nice day folks!Collapse )