April 5th, 2015

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Spring Clearance Sale

Maket to Gaden Shop makettogaden
Spring Clearance Sale

I am clearing out my closets and I have a lot of merchandise from the past few years. I really need to clear this stuff out. No unreasonable price will be refused. Here are the sales going on right now:

Sale #1 - 50% off everything (except for items listed as $2 or below). This sale does not include the free shipping.

Sale #2 - For the first six (6) items, Buy 2 and Get 1 Free (free item is the lesser priced item of your order).
For any order with seven (7) or more items, receive a 20% discount on your entire order.

(If you order seven (7) items, you do not qualify for the buy 2 get 1 free. You will automatically receive the 20% discount. These two discounts cannot be combined.)

ALSO, UNTIL THE END OF THE SALE, SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IS FREE! (Free shipping for International orders must equal $50 in merchandise to qualify for the free shipping) If you choose the 50% off sale, this free shipping offer is not included. Feel free to ask for a quote, as to better decide which sales offer is best for you!

Feedback is 20 (overall). It can be viewed here

Payment is in USD. Paypal preferred, but will consider other forms of payment. Ships worldwide from the US.


Click the link for a list of items available.

Akanishi Jin
[Items]You & Jin Bag
You & Jin Pamphlet
You & Jin Bandana Set
You & Jin Photo Album
Yellow Tour Poster
Yellow Tour Towel
You & Jin Poster

[Items]Scene 2010 Concert Tour Bag
Scene 2010 Pamphlet
Scene 2010 Group Clearfile
Scene 2010 Venue Pin (Kokuritsu)
Scene 2010 Bandaid Set
Scene 2010 Group Poster
Scene 2010 Aiba Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Ohno Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Jun Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Group Mini Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Aiba Mini Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Sho Mini Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Jun Mini Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Ohno Mini Uchiwa
Scene 2010 Nino Mini Uchiwa
5x10 Ohno Poster
5x10 Jun Poster

Domoto Koichi
[Items]2010 BPM Tour Bag
2010 BPM Makeup Bag
2009 BPM Pamphlet
2010 BPM Pamphlet
2010 BPM Poster

[Items]J-Friends 2002-2003 Uchiwa
Johnny's Starship 2003-2004 Uchiwa
2006-2007 Ryo Uchiwa
2007-2008 Ryo Uchiwa
Arashi 2009-2010 Uchiwa
KAT-TUN 2009-2010 Uchiwa
NEWS 2009-2010 Uchiwa

Dream Boys 2009
[Items]Dream Boys 2009 Pamphlet
Dream Boys 2009 Shibutani Subaru Clearfile

Hey! Say! JUMP!
[Items]2009 Summer Tour Bag
2009 Summer Tour Pamphlet
2009 Summer Tour Clearfile

[Items]2009-2010 Dome Tour Tote Bag
2009-2010 Dome Tour Pamphlet
2009-2010 Dome Tour Tshirt
2008 Tour Pamphlet
2009-2010 Calendar
Puzzle Tour Group Clearfile
Live Tour 2008 Group Clearfile
Live Tour 2008 Shibutani Clearfile
Live Tour 2008 Ryo Clearfile
2009-2010 Dome Tour Coffee Mug
2009-2010 Dome Tour Group Suit Poster
2009-2010 Dome Tour Group Casual Poster
2008 Group Poster
2009 Group Poster
2008 Shibutani Poster
2009 (Suit) Ryo Poster
2008 Ryo Poster
2007 Red Dragon Ryo Uchiwa
2006 Blue Dragon Ryo Uchiwa
2009-2010 Dome Tour Ryo Uchiwa

[Items]Live 2010 Tour Foldable Bag
Live 2010 Group Clearfile
Live 2010 Tumbler
Live Tour 2010 Concert Tshirt
Live Tour 2010 Kame Uchiwa
Break the Record Pamphlet
Break the Record Ueda Clearfile
Break the Record Group Poster
Break the Record Koki Poster
Break the Record Ueda Poster
Break the Record Nakamaru
Break the Record Jin Poster
Break the Record Jin #2 Poster
Queen of Pirates Pamphlet
Queen of Pirates Kame Clearfile
Queen of Pirates Group Clearfile
Queen of Pirates Ueda Clearfile
Queen of Pirates Jin Clearfile
Queen of Pirates Nakamaru Clearfile
Queen of Pirates Group Poster
Queen of Pirates Ueda Poster
Queen of Pirates Kame Poster
Queen of Pirates Jin Poster
Queen of Pirates Nakamaru Poster
Queen of Pirates tshirt
2009-2010 Calendar
2007 Tour Nakamaru Clearfile
Looking Concert Phone Charm Set
Photo Album (from Johnny's Store)
2006 Group Poster
Magazine Poster
Break the Record Nakamaru Uchiwa
Break the Record Ueda Uchiwa

Kato Shigeaki
[Items]Seminar Play Pamphlet

Kinki Kids
[Items]"J" Phone Charm

[Items]2009 National Tour Foldable Bag
2009 National Tour Pamphlet
2009 National Tour Clearfile
2009 National Tour Hair Accessory
2009 National Tour Penlight
2009 National Tour Poster
2009 National Tour Towel
2009 National Tour Uchiwa

[Items]Live! Live! Live! Tour Bag
Live! Live! Live! Pamphlet
Live! Live! Live! Tour Yamapi Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Group Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Massu Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Koyama Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Tegoshi Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Ryo Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Shige Clearfile
Live! Live! Live! Tour Hair Accessory
Live! Live! Live! Phone Card
Live! Live! Live! Penlight
Live! Live! Live! Postcards
Live! Live! Live! Group Poster
Live! Live! Live! Koyama Poster
Live! Live! Live! Yamapi Poster
Live! Live! Live! Massu Poster
Live! Live! Live! Tshirt
Live! Live! Live! Tegoshi Uchiwa
Live! Live! Live! Yamapi Uchiwa
Live! Live! Live! Shige Uchiwa
Live! Live! Live! Ryo Uchiwa
Live! Live! Live! Towel
2005 NEWS Summary Pamphlet
Spring 2006 Ryo Clearfile
Debut 7-11 Clearfile
NEWS Snow Concert Clearfile
Winter Party Diamond Pamphlet
Winter Party Diamond Ryo Poster
Winter Party Diamond Group Poster
Winter Party Diamond Group Clearfile
Pacific Pamphlet
Pacific Ryo Uchiwa
NEWS Summary NEWS & KATTUN Pamphlet
Russ-K Bracelets
Russ-K Hoodie/Belted Shirt (Red and Purple)
Russ-K Black Tshirt
I <3 NEWS Pamphlet
I <3 News Kusano Uchiwa
2007 Concert Ryo Uchiwa

Playzone 2009
[Items]Folded Shopping Bag
Phone Charm

Tackey & Tsubasa
[Items]Old Concert Pamphlet

[Items]Tegomass no Ai Bag
Tegomass no Ai Penlight
Tegomass no Ai Tshirt
Tegomass no Ai Towel
Tegomass no Uta Massu Poster
Tegomass no Uta Tego Poster

Ueda Tatsuya
[Items]Mousepeace Fans
Mousepeace Stickers
Mousepeace Headphone Cord Holder
Mousepeace Earpick
Mousepeace Pencil
Mousepeace Notebook
Mousepeace Phone Charms (Chintarou, Nakamaru, Koki, Ueda, Junno, Obaachan, Kame, Mihael and Ice Cream-kun available)

[Items]2003 Calendar
Coming Century 2003 Ken Uchiwa
Coming Century 2003 Go Uchiwa
Coming Century 2003 Junichi Uchiwa
Volume 6 Summer Tour 2001 Ken Uchiwa
Volume 6 Summer Tour 2001 Go Uchiwa
Volume 6 Summer Tour 2001 Junichi Uchiwa
CC Summer Tour 2000 Ken Uchiwa
CC Summer Tour 2000 Go Uchiwa
CC Summer Tour 2000 Junichi Uchiwa

Yamashita Tomohisa
[Items]Short But Sweet Pamphlet
Short But Sweet Clearfile
Short But Sweet Tshirt
Short But Sweet Uchiwa
Short But Sweet Penlight
Ai Texas Promo Poster
Ero Promo Poster
Super Good Super Bad Towel
Stationary Set

Miscellaneous Junior Items
[Items]2000 Spring Junior Concert Pamphlet
2000 Autumn Junior Concert Pamphlet
1999 Junior Concert Pamphlet
4 Tops Pencilboard
Uchi Hiroki Poster

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