April 11th, 2015


items must go!! newly added Dark Walker/Code Geass novels

Hello! These NEED to go. Reasonable offers welcome! :)
-Code Geass novels (original Japanese) R2 Turn 1-4 (complete) $60 shipped USA
-chara figures: $15 w/free shipping in USA. (C.C. in third row no longer avalible)
- DVD set COMPLETE Code Geass Limited Edition set Volume 1, Season 1-5 of the L word (and the rest you should be able to see what they are ^^) $150 shipped in the USA; all in excellent condition
- yaoi manga/novel set: $100 shipped in the USA (pictures of the books that have flaws can be seen here:
-Doujinshi by Juurokugou,CD/DVD special edition by Oraange Range, Brand New chara figure. The doujinshi is approx. 234 pages and is, as I was told, rare. I ended up with duplicates, so I am selling this one. $100 shipped in the USA.
-Doujinshi Kurohime and CD by Orange Range $25 shipped in the USA
-All other doujinshi $25 each, shipped in the USA. Each will come with a chara figure
-CLAMP set $30 shipped in the USA (Kobato in original Japanese)
-magazine set $45 shipped in the USA


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