April 17th, 2015

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Sale post: Video Games

Pictures available upon request. Prices do not include shipping. Feedback: renegadeangel87 on eBay and stuff2sell. JP = Japanese title. Prices negotiable

Sega Saturn
Astal / Kisuisyou denetsu Abuteru [JP] $15
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night / Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Yasou Kyoku [JP] $89
Dragon Ball Z Legends[JP] $9
Dungeons & Dragons Collection: Tower of Doom/Shadow of Mystara[JP] $115
Guardian Heroes $89
Lunar: Silver Star Story & Lunar 2: Eternal Blue[JP] $10 for both
Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter[JP] $29
Nights Into Dreams (w/3D Control Pad) $79
Phantasy Star Collection[JP](w/maps) $19
Shining Force III $99

Blue Stinger [JP] $4
Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice [JP] $9
Soul Caliber(sealed, new) $19

Rival Schools [JP] $4

Playstation 2
Disgaea (sealed, new) $19
[00] default

Various items for sale!

Sailor Moon, Hetalia, Naruto, D.Gray-man and Prince of Tennis under the cut!

Also selling some dolls including Pinky:St, a Taeyang and an Isul.

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All items come from a smoke-free, pet-friendly home. They are all in good condition. I have a ton of feedback in my LJ. Paypal only, prices in USD. I'm willing to take reasonable offers on most things, don't hesitate to ask! If you'd like more pics of anything let me know.

Thanks so much!