May 19th, 2015


SALE: SuG cds, VK flyers, Haikyuu!! metal tags

Shipping worldwide from SIngapore
Form of payment: Paypal (overseas) / Bank transfer (local)

Please note that prices already include shipping but not paypal fee.

I'm not liable for purchase lost or damage in mail.
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Please feedback here or GSJ Feedback after receiving purchase.

Cute Plushes for Sale and 20% off

Everything is available at
Use the code peaches10 to get 20% off
I do my best to accurately describe everything but I do make mistakes so if something is not as described let me know and we can work something out (partial refund, exchange, or return). I also refund extra money on shipping (if there is any). If I ended up undercharging that's on me, so no worries. Feel free to ask questions
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