August 4th, 2015


items must go! all reasonable offers will be accepted! Code Geass Limited Edition/chara/maburaho etc

I NEED funds so I MUST sell these items! All reasonable offers will be accepted!

Here are my two eBay accounts:…


Please take a look! All reasonable offers are welcome plus I can give better deals through LJ because I can pass the savings of the eBay fees on to you!

(ATTENTION TEACHERS AND OTHERS WHO MIGHT USE CHARA FIGURES FOR PRIZES/HAND THEM OUT: I have a total of 32 of these (first photo, about half of which are not listed), all new, a few of them are in zipper bags and the rest in their original packaging. If you would like to purchase all 32 of them, please let me know. I will send you pictures and can offer them to you for a bulk discounted price of $6 each [otherwise they are $14 each]. Thank you!)

Pictured below are some of the great items I have to offer! CD/DVD set includes 26 CDs and 2 concerts with a combined total of 6 DVDs, 2 CDs of which are by JPop group Orange Range- and there is a Yu-Gi-Oh! soundtrack with the unused stickers! ($250 shipped in the USA, but open to offers because I need the money!)

PLEASE NOTE: I have some items that are not listed on eBay, but will get them up as soon as I can- and then I will update here! :)

(I also have a wish list here: (trading is preferred, but if they don't cost much I could afford to pay for them)

Thank you!