August 21st, 2015


steam game codes for swap or sale.

make an offer for swapping (not just for other steam games; ask me about it!) or buying. i'll seriously let them go pretty cheaply ($1-5). don't low-ball me, be cool, and let's game!! c:

7 grand steps: what ancients begat
aquanox 2: revelation
back to bed
battle group 2
the blue flamingo
the book of legends
the bridge
bridge constructor medieval
broken sword 1: shadow of the templars - director's cut
broken sword 2: the smoking mirror
coin crypt
commandos: behind enemy lines
commandos: beyond the call of duty
commandos 2: men of courage
commandos 3: destination berlin
deep under the sky
defender's quest: valley of the forgotten
the detail episode 1 - where the dead l ie
the dream machine: chapter 1-3
the dream machine: chapter 4
the dream machine: chapter 5
dust: an elysian tale
endless space emperor edition
fallen enchantress: legendary heroes
freedom planet
a golden wake
meridian: new world (early access; unsure if it will be the full game now that it is released?)
ms. spolsion man
race the sun
reaper: tale of a pale swordsman
red faction: armageddon
spellforce 2: demon of the past
star ruler
super comboman: don't mash edition
supreme commander gold edition
titan quest gold
the whispered world special edition