September 17th, 2015

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Flash Jrock/VK/Jpop/Kpop sale including Sex Pot Revenge & GemCerey

So, here’s the deal. I’ve accepted a job that requires me to move to another state. So I’m looking to cut down some of my storage space by moving some stuff on.

Nothing is priced; make me offers.

All orders MUST be finalized (paid for with correct shipping addresses etc) by 5pm Thursday 24th of September, AEST.

Bands include, but aren’t limited to: The Gazette, 12012, MUCC, lynch., Merry, One Ok Rock, Nico Touches the Walls, JYJ, U-Kiss, CNBLUE and Sex Pot Revenge and GemCerey items.

 photo 20150915_180054_zps1rtfppx3.jpg

On to the items!