October 8th, 2015

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[Clearance sale] Arashi Singles, Concert Goods, Photobooks for sale! Kat-tun and HeySayJUMP

Hi, I'm clearing away all my Arashi collection, Kat-tun and HSJ singles.

I'll give a discount if you buy a number of my items.

For International and Singaporean buyers.
I'm opening up to International Buyers as well because I got a couple of international comments.

Pictures and more details at my lj.

Buy Arashi Popcorn Live Tour (Limited Edition) DVD + Arashi 2012 Popcorn concert poster (Group) as a set for a discounted price!

Concert goods

Arashi Dream A Live Concert Photo Strap. *Rare* $18

Arashi - 2008 Dream 'A' Live Concert Caterpillar Phone strap *Rare*
Arashi - Popcorn concert IC card sticker
Arashi - 2008 Dream 'A' Live Concert poster (Nino)
Arashi - 2012 Popcorn concert poster (Group) *Brand New*
Arashi Aiba Junior 1999 Poster; S$10
Arashi around Asia 2008 in Tokyo poster - Never used. Excellent condition;S$15
Arashi Dream A Live Poster - Used; S$15
(Paparazzi) Arashi Dream A Live Poster - Never used; S$8.
Arashi anniverary tour 5x10 poster. Never used - S$15
Arashi Aiba Popcorn Poster - Brand New! S$18.
Arashi Around Asia Poster 2008 $10
Arashi Dream-A-Live Poster 2008 $10
Arashi Popcorn concert 2012 $15
Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 Mini Uchiwas
Aiba, Jun, Nino $4 each.
Arashi Around Asia Concert in Tokyo Stickers *RARE*
*Mint condition* $7 + Free A4-size Laminated Arashi poster!
Arashi Jumbo Uchiwas $10 each!!!
Popcorn Concert
Available: All members (Buy as a set for $45 and receive FREE Popcorn Tour IC card sticker!)
Time concert 2007 (Aiba)
Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 (Aiba )
Arashi POPCORN Tour Concert Clear files
Aiba and Jun $8 each!

Singles/ Album/ DVDs
All Arashi Singles are Japanese version in good or excellent condition.

Ultra Music Power Single (Regular Edition)
Kat-tun - White Christmas Single (Limited Edition)

Arashi - Endless Game Single (Limited Edition) *Brand New*
Arashi - How's it going (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Iza Now (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Time (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Arashic (Regular Edition)

Arashi - Beautiful World album w/o obi (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Popcorn Live Tour DVD (Limited Edition)

Arashi Singles Clearance!!!
All Arashi Singles are Japanese version in good or excellent condition.
Regular Editions $7
Limited Editions $20
(Buy 4 or more LEs and get one RE FREE!! )

I still have a lot of DVDs, albums, photobooks and shop photos  that I have posted them yet.
If you're interested in any, please ask me and quote a price and I may consider letting it go too. :)