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13 October 2015 @ 12:45 pm

UPDATE as of 13 Oct:
It has yet to be released. I will let the buyers know when it is =)

Item will take at least 3 weeks after release date.

Release: October 2015
Price: USD12 per piece/USD21 for 2 (inclusive of postage/combined postage)
Origin: Japan
Size: Character Charm: H65mm x Approx. W60mm / Design Charm: Approx. H25mm
Material: Character Charm: Stainless Steel
w/Strap string, canican clip

-Shirotani A ::honokaxichigo
-Shirotani B
-Kurose A ::arashinoookami
-Shirotani C ::arashinoookami
-Kurose B ::honokaxichigo
-Shirotani & Kurose ::hiroshikii
-Shirotani D (newly illustrated) ::yol114
-Kurose C (newly illustrated) ::yol114

*in green: paid

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