January 8th, 2016

Manga & Anime DVD's New Years Sale!! Ends Midnight 1/14/15

****** New Years sale is in effect! ******
~ 25% off every MANGA & DVD left in stock!
~ Orders, before discount *MUST* be over $20 to qualify!

~ FIRST COME, 1ST SERVE! ~ NO HOLDS, Payments *MUST must be sent after orders are confirmed and invoicing has been sent..

*** DO NOT ask for several items and then NOT respond to my messages!! My time is precious and I do not like wasting it on people who are not series about purchase's.

Payment & Shipping info........
* Payment via Paypal and POSTAL MONEY ORDERS only!
* Within US Media Mail combined.
* International Shipping is possible but options will depend on total weight and destination.


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