January 14th, 2016


Everything is half off the listed price (EXCEPT NEW ITEMS)! I do ship internationally, feel free to ask for a shipping quote. Pictures are available upon request. I accept Paypal. Feel free to ask any additional questions. Thank you! ♥



Cafe Kichijouji De Illustrations Artbook (Has slight tear on the back of the dust jacket) $20 $10
Kyo Kara Maoh! Temari Matsumoto Illustrations Artbook $30 $15

Saikyo Jump Magazine November 2105 Issue $6

Sengoku Basara 4 Official Complete Artwork Artbook $35 $17.50
V-Jump Magazine January 2016 Issue $6

Captain America - Steve/Bucky Safe & Sound by Lovely Hollow (Chinese Language) $55 $27.50
Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou) Lu Bu/Zhang Liao
月華 by ASH $25 $12.50
Naruto - Asuma/Kakashi Bed Time Eyes by GD Mechano $12 $6
Pokemon - Kudari (Emett)/Nobori (Ingo) 夏新刊 by Waya $30 $15

Sengoku Basara - Kojuuro/Masamune Millefeuille by Ciao, baby $20 $10
Sengoku Basara - Kojuuro/Masamune 再四 (Sai 4) by Ciao, baby $40 $20
Sengoku Basara - Kojuuro/Masamune 再七 (Sai 7) Reprint by Ciao, baby $35 $17.50
Star Wars - Anakin/Obi-Wan Birth by FAKE STARS $40 $20
Tiger & Bunny - Barnaby/Kotetsu REC (Chinese Language)
by Silly Love Song $18 $9
Tiger & Bunny - Dark Kotetsu/Kotetsu 3 Laws (Chinese Language) by Silly Love Song $15 $7.50
Warriors Orochi (Musou Orochi) - Sakon Shima/Zhuge Dan 御祝 by Flowerman $25 $12.50

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Buttons (Set of 5 can badges) $12 $6
The Avengers Deco Masking Tape by Silver $10
Digimon Cyber Sleuth PS VITA Poster Set (Set of 8 Posters) x2 $25 $12.50 EACH SET
Dragonball Z: Resurrection Of "F" Golden Frieza Funko POP Figure $20 $10
Durarara!! Group Poster from Yen Press $8 $4 OR FREE WITH ANY $15 PURCHASE
Dynasty Warriors 8 [PS3] $18

Epik High Remapping The Human Soul $16 $8
Final Fantasy XIII Mini Clear Poster [Snow] (Displayed; excellent condition) $8 $4 OR FREE WITH ANY $15 PURCHASE
Fullmetal Alchemist PansonWorks Ed Rubber Keychain $8 $4 OR FREE WITH ANY $15 PURCHASE
Guilty Crown Official Promo Poster (64 cm. x 49 cm.) by Redjuice $10 $5 OR FREE WITH ANY $15 PURCHASE
Hakuoki Toshizo Hijikata One Coin Grande Figure (Black-hair)
(Displayed; excellent condition; no box or card) $14 $7
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Limited Edition [PS3] $30 $15
Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Artbook & Outer Slipcase only (NO GAME) $15 $7.50
One Piece Bandai Figuarts ZERO Sir Crocodile $45 $22.50
One Piece Panson Works Red-Haired Shanks Bobble Head $4
Tiger & Bunny Deformeister Petit Off Shot Figures: Antonio (Displayed; excellent condition) $10 $5 OR FREE WITH ANY $15 PURCHASE
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[EBAY] Spring Cleaning Sale - 2 Days Left!

Clearing out a bunch of anime, manga and games for the new year!

[Auctions over!]

Anime Lot (disc only):
Fractacle (Complete Series)
Saint Seiya vol. 1
Trigun Remix vol. 3
Gatchaman vol. 2
Heat Guy J vols. 1-2
Zipang vol. 1
Someday's Dreamers vol. 3
Appleseed Movie
Petit Eva: Evangelion@School Chara Fortune Figures - Asuka and Shinji

Manga Lot:
Ral Ω Grad 1-4 (Complete Series)
Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3 (Complete Series)
Arata the Legend 1-3, 5
Samurai Champloo 1

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix Limited Edition (PS3)
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition (XBOX 360) w/ Promotional Artbook (31 pages)
Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)
Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley (3DS)

K-Pop Poster Lot:
BIG BANG Special Edition Poster
DBSK/TVXQ Keep Your Head Down Poster
Girls' Generation 1st Japan Album Limited Edition Poster

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