April 10th, 2016

Selling Togainu No Chi, Hetalia, Shingeki no Kyoujin, Etc

Hello, all! I've got some things that I need to sell so I made my way over here to try and make that happen. Here are a few little things to know before I get to the items I'm selling:

  • Prices are negotiable

  • Shipping within USA only

  • Paypal only

  • Will take pictures upon request (some will require pictures but I'll show them when someone shows an interests in my items)

  • I try to throw in free gifts when someone purchases something ^_^

  • I would prefer you tell me what you would want to pay for them and we can negotiate from there.

  • Comment here or send me a PM

  • I'm willing to answer and all questions you may have! Don't be afraid to bother me ^_^

All right let's get to these items:

  • Togainu no Chi One Coin Figures - Includes all separate character boxes, character cards, and the larger box which holds them all. One mildly damaged figure (little suitcase broke off; still have suitcase), one character missing a piece (his hat), Gunji broke off of stand; will replace with another Gunji one coin from a separate collection.

  • Two Hetalia manga volumes 4 & 5 - Perfect condition

  • Attack on Titan Levi Nendoroid - Displayed, but in perfect condition. Comes with box and all the pieces

  • Persona 4 Jiraya figure - Displayed, but in perfect condition. Comes with box and all pieces

  • Kuroshitsuji Grell Pulip Doll - Displayed, perfect condition. Comes with box and all pieces I AM ATTACHED TO THIS SO I'M ONLY WILLING TO LET IT GO FOR A GOOD PRICE

  • Tokidoki Unicornos Figures - ONLY WILLING TO SELL AS A SET OR FOR MY SET PRICES:

Bambu - $15
Vandalo - $15
Peperino - $20
Bellina - $30
Mooka - $20
Fumo - (I only see Fumo going for some serious cash online so we can negotiate a price)