May 24th, 2016


iso a 3ds, prefer to swap (or partial swap!)/quick sales.

preferably xl, only clean (no nasty gunk or crunchy buttons), please. i don't like multi-color or red ones. i'm alright with limited ones, but i'm 100% not interested in limited prices (no offense). looking for cheaper than ebay and no hassle. must include stylus and charger or make adequate price adjustments for lack of them.

the only games i'm interested are pokemon, project x zone, animal crossing, and maybe re: revelations & mercs 3d). if you have cute cases (pokemon or animal crossing), i'm in. i am always looking for resident evil items as well as pokemon items featuring eevee/eeveelutions, fennekin, and vulpix.

if you'd be interested in a swap or partial swap (i will also consider sales offer) i have:
- ace attorney investigations (sealed) for ds
- altered species for ps3
- dead island for ps3
- dead rising 2 for ps3
- far cry compilation for ps3
- final fantasy: the 4 heroes of light (includes the deluxe map) for ds
- hakuoki: warriors of the shinsengumi (sealed, with drawstring promo bag) for psp
- house of the dead overkill extended cut for ps3
- killer is dead (deluxe) for ps3
- ninja gaiden Σ (sigma) for ps3
- red dead redemption game of the year edition for ps3
- rhapsody: a musical adventure for ds
- shadows of the damned for ps3
- witch and the hundred knight for ps3

- various final fantasy viii items (official keychains, seifer & quistis kotobukiya, official books, and way too many doujinshi!)
- a psx (only controller, no hookups that i can find)
- a ps2 (all hookups i think since i used it semi-recently, but no controller; i could throw in memory cards, as well)

- a ton of horror dvds (ask me, if it's your thing!)
- 100+ dc and vertigo comic trades (i would be more than willing to give way more of them in exchange for what they're worth)
- unlimited dc & vertigo single issues; most are not bagged or boarded but are in great condition (also willing to give more than equivalent exchange with them)

i have a 99% score (of 833) from ebay that only went down from 100% recently after a comic guy tried to hold a review hostage for free shipping and extra free items. after i refused he left a negative review. i always include tracking. :)