August 21st, 2016

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sale: kuroko no basket goods

I'm looking to sell two little KNB goods.

aoimine one coin figure never opened. comes with box which is in good condition (except where it was opened). there is a kinokuniya price sticker on the back. asking: $8

akashi fortune charm never open or used. comes with box which is in good condition but i did try and remove a sticker from off it so it has some remnants. asking: $8

get both for $15 with FREE shipping (US ONLY). individual shipping is $3.


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SALE: Digimon Adventure/02/tri. Merchandise + Doujinshi

Hi! I'm selling the following (and I ship everywhere):

Digimon Badges (Buttons)/Keychains/Cell Phone Straps -

Digimon Blu-rays/DVDs/Clear Files/Plush Toys/Towels -

Digimon Digital Watches/Posters -

Digimon Doujinshi -

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Cheers! =)