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21 August 2016 @ 12:35 am
I'm looking to sell two little KNB goods.

aoimine one coin figure never opened. comes with box which is in good condition (except where it was opened). there is a kinokuniya price sticker on the back. asking: $8

akashi fortune charm never open or used. comes with box which is in good condition but i did try and remove a sticker from off it so it has some remnants. asking: $8

get both for $15 with FREE shipping (US ONLY). individual shipping is $3.


lj feedback
Hi! I'm selling the following (and I ship everywhere):

Digimon Badges (Buttons)/Keychains/Cell Phone Straps - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2427.html

Digimon Blu-rays/DVDs/Clear Files/Plush Toys/Towels - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/3005.html

Digimon Digital Watches/Posters - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2219.html

Digimon Doujinshi - http://kandiiistore.livejournal.com/2802.html

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Cheers! =)