September 8th, 2017

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Figures + Video Game Auctions
0.99+shipping starting point (exception of Cloud); US Shipping only, currently

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- Cloud Play Arts Kai (Advent Children Edition, SEALED) - direct link to him here: +++
- Chun Li VS Sakura (Pinky;ST, Capcom/SEALED)


- Nintendo Super Mario Bros Playmat
- Sword Art Online II Ultra Pro Playmat

Video Game:

- Soul Caliber V Hori Fighting Pad/Stick (Hori, 360, Beautiful Shape)


- Palutena (Exclusive, JPN, Sealed)
- PacMan (Sealed)
- Ryu (Sealed)
- R.O.B (Famicon Colors, Sealed)
- Ness (Sealed)
- Lucas (Sealed)
- Splatoon Set (Inkling + Squid, loose)
- Donkey Kong (loose)