May 6th, 2018

Kuragehime : Fashion masterpiece.

[Selling] Hetalia and misc goodies for trip $$!

Hello everyone! I'm selling some things to better save for an upcoming trip/overdue vacation in October. Everything is like new condition little no wear/damage.

Hetalia Series
- Hetalia World Series S3 Limited (w/ bandana)
- Hetalia x Oyasumi Drama CD vol.2 (Germany & Prussia) (Limited ver)
- Italy & Germany Special/Limited Paper Coaster
- 2012 GIFT Acrylic Keychain Holder/Pencil Board

- Professor Layton and the Diabloical Box (Nintendo DS)
- Good Smile Company Death Note Teru Mikami Nendo Petit
- Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Manga vol 1 - 5 English (SET)
- 2011 Yamada Non / +810 やまだノンPrince of Tennis Fanbook #05 YAOI 18+ (Hard/Explicit) Doujinshi

Prices are all in USD and I ship from Wisconsin, United States least expensive method.

★ My feedback can be seen on my Ebay.

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