soulcalibur (soulcalibur33) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I'm selling Kaya and Hizaki photoset (signed by Kaya) / Flyers /etc.

I decided to sell some Jrock stuff, take a look if there's something that might interest you;

☆Payment methods accepted: Paypal/Postepay/Bank transfer(Europe Union only);
☆I ship worldwide from Italy;
☆Prices are in Euro; please do the conversion into your value to know the exact price in your country;
☆Shipping method: Priority mail, Registered mail, Express Mail Service (EMS);

Kaya and Hizaki Photoset (signed personally by Kaya to me during an European Tour in February 2012) 15,00 € *perfect conditions*

Flyers: - 1 € each (if you want more, 0,50 € each/ if you want all the flyers: 4,00 € for everything you see in the pictures)


This is a big flyers like a poster (like 4 flyers all together) : 1,50 €

/////Other stuff\\\\\

This is not Jrock, but I'd selling here anyway:

Utada Hikaru - Single Collection Vol.I 13,00 € *perfect conditions*

Please, if you are interested in something, reply here and also send me a PM, Thanks!☆☆
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